Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Silver Anniversary

Today David and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. That's a pretty big number in this day and time.

David has shown me a lot about life in the years we've been together. He is a simple man who sees life as it is. He faces hardship with great courage and strength. He loves country life. He loves gardening and working at our farm. He sees the value in people and loves to visit with the elderly because they teach him so much. He loves God, he loves me and he loves his children. He is a good man and I'm thankful for all we've been through together.

I didn't have a wedding photographer, but here are a couple of the shots I do have:

DJ wedding3DJ wedding2DJ weddingDavid and Jacquie This is our most recent picture. We don't look at all like the same people.

Today is also my little brother, Kevin's birthday. He is number 10 of 11. Here are some of my favorite pictures of Kevin. He was such a cute boy!!

Kevin2 Rock Creek 1975

Kevin Rock Creek 1975

Kevin and Darren Christmas 1978

This was the first Christmas in our house in Arkansas. I don't know if you can see my brother, Darren, in the background with a coat on in the house!


Kevin and Jacquie

Me and Kevin in our front yard in California.

Kevin and Dom

Happy 35th birthday, Kevin!


His Doorkeeper said...

Happy 25th David and Jacquie!!

I don't think you look too much older! I love David in the all-white tux!! woo woo

You are a wonderful couple and we pray God blesses you with at least 25 more to come!

The Garners said...

Twenty-five IS a big number! What a blessing. I hope you've had a very special day. I love the pictures from your wedding!

Kelly said...

Happy 25th!!!! That's amazing!!!
I don't think ya'll look much older either. What is your secret to staying so young looking? :-)
I really liked your wedding dress - you looked so pretty!

Betsy said...

Happy 25th Jacquie!! Steve and I are going on 23 years this August! It's something to be proud of, I think, in this day and age to stay together and make it work through the years!

You still look amazing by the way!!
Congratulations! :)

Becky said...

Hi Jacquie, I just came over from his doorkeeper. Happy Anniversary! I just read your entire blog!! What a wonderful family you have.

Sharmin said...

Happy anniversary, has it really been 25 years? Your dress is a classic, not sure I can say the same about the tuxes! LOL