Tuesday, February 1, 2011

275–Icy Birthday

The winter storm came and went and we pretty much missed the worst of it here.  We have some ice, but it isn’t near as bad as they were expecting for us.  Lots of people, not very far from us, got both ice and a LOT of snow.

Daisy got off work early today when the roads started getting bad.  She and Maddie are here with us.

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Best Buds.

Today is Daisy’s birthday.  She has been such a wonderful “addition” to our family and we have fallen in love with her (and Maddie).  We are so thankful that God has brought them to us!


Jenn said...

Glad you all missed the majority of the mess! My sister (in Pea Ridge) got around 6 inches of snow on top of ice.

I am sure you all couldn't imagine your lives without those sweet girlies!

Kelley said...

Happy Birthday to Daisy! What a sweet young lady!

Kayla said...

i just love the pictures of mads and tyler!

so glad Daisy got to spend her bday with yall!! :)