Sunday, March 20, 2011


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We’ve had a good Sunday.  Church, lunch (Mexican, of course), naps, and then while David was checking the cows, we all went to the park (joined by Bryan and Andrea and their kids).  While they all played, I walked Izzy.  The weather was perfect… around 80 and sunny.  That’s my kind of weather.

While I was walking Izzy, Ms. Charlsie called and told me that she’d been fighting with her blood pressure again all day.  This has been a rough week for her.  I went by there and stayed with her for a while before going back to church.  I checked on her again this evening and her B/P was high, but within safe limits.

I made an appointment for her to see the doctor this week.  I sure do hope we can get some answers and get her nerves settled.


His Doorkeeper said...

Two of the cutest babes in town!!! Love 'em!!

petrii said...

What a sweet picture!!! So cute!!

So sorry for Ms. Charlise. I hope y'all can figure something out.

Love you friend ~~ Dawn

Jenn said...

Wish we could of enjoyed the nice AR weather on Sunday, but nope we had to come home :(

Praying for Ms. Charlsie!

Anonymous said...

Cute picture -- especially those toes!! :) The 'body language' of bare feet can reveal a lot about someone's mood! Hope Ms. Charlsie is feeling better.

jo jo said...

Love Maddie's lil' feet in this picture!