Monday, June 27, 2011

Have I Mentioned That I Love My Mads?

We had a fun weekend.  After we wrapped up VBS and put the church back together I headed for home.  You can’t imagine how just sitting in my quiet car was so relaxing! Ha!  That evening, I asked Maddie if she wanted to go visit Ms. Charlsie with me.  And she did.

Saturday morning, Tyler and Daisy were going on a float trip really early, so they spent the night with us.  Friday night after supper, I explained to her the rule for spending the night with Mémère on a Friday night… “you must sleep in!”  Of course, she wanted to know why, and I just told her that if she didn’t sleep in she’d have to have coffee with Papa Dave in the morning.  She said, “Yuck” to that.

As it turns out, she woke up about 6:30 and Dave kept her entertained until I got up at 7:00.  We set off for our “day date” a few hours later.  I told her earlier in the week that we may go to the library and she was so excited.  About half-way through the drive there, she fell asleep (I think 6:30 must’ve hit her – it was only 10:15!)  When I woke her up she was a little out of sorts, but then we walked in to the library together while I talked to her about having a quiet voice inside.  She was SO good and loved it! It’s a brand new facility and it’s really amazing!  We went to the puppet show that had just started and after about 15 minutes of that she whispered to me, “Let’s go read books.”  So we headed downstairs to the children’s department.  We read several books and then she discovered the puzzles.

062511 (8)

After the library we went to eat at McDonalds where she ate her WHOLE nugget Happy Meal – a first!

 062511 (6)062511 (11)

We finished the outing at Walmart – where else?  I had promised her that she could pick out one color of nail polish… she asked for two, but I stuck to my guns. Of course, she picked the sparkliest pink she could find.

062511 (4)

After Daisy and Tyler got home we all went to Chili’s for supper.  On our way back home the college was putting on a fireworks show, so we pulled over and let her out of her seat to watch.  Her favorites are the pink ones… of course.

062511 (1)

We had a GREAT day and she never gave me a moment of trouble.  Only one (small) fit in a whole day for a three year old is just pretty good in my book.

I can’t wait for our next “date”.

062511 (13)062511 (14)

PS. If my nephew (Dominic) happens to see these pics… I just bought a Shark Navigator Lift Away vacuum (per his recommendation and he is a vacuum genius).  I LOVE it, Dom!! It’s great!


Rose Mary said...

What a sweetie! Sounds like you both had a fun day!

Lauren said...

She is SO cute!!!!! :)

Kimberley said...

looks like a fun day with maddie!

Kelley said...

She is such a doll! It sounds like you all had a great "date." It is fun when they are 3. They can tell you everything. They have opinions on it all!

Dorothy said...

What a fun day, and what a happy Maddie!!!!

StitchinByTheLake said...

You're the second person I've heard say the Shark Navigator was a great vacuum - I must check it out! blessings, marlene

Betsy said...

She is just precious!! I was thinking about getting one of those Sharks, too. Everyone I know who has one loves it!

Daisy said...

i love this post.. and that little girl too!

Jenn said...

Love your all's date day! Little girls are just so much fun :) and Miss Maddie is just too cute. No wonder you all fell head over heels for her!

I'm with ya on the sleeping in on Saturdays!

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