Sunday, February 21, 2010

“Sopeea Wose”

Yesterday was a fun, full day.  I got to spend it with four out of five of my sisters (Cathy, when are y’all going to give it up and move to Arkansas?), Tyler, both of my parents, three brother-in-laws, and several nieces and nephews.

Today at lunch, I saw a young mom who was largely pregnant (and rubbing her belly) and Tyler saw my face when she walked by… he knew what I was thinking… “I would love to get to experience that again.”  He just shakes his head.

Since I probably won’t go “there” again… I believe God is getting me ready for my grandma days.

And since I’m not a grandma yet, I had the best time yesterday spending the day mostly holding Sophia Rose…

Sophia … Oh my goodness, I fell in love!

Cortney and Sophia

Cortney and Sophia

 Sophia's footieErik

Erik (he calls his baby sister “Sopeea Wose)Suz and Sophia

Suzanne (#3) and Sophia Tyler and Sophia (3)Tyler has learned how to make Sophia happy.  She loves to be bounced. Hard. And he has the touch!

Sophia Rose

This was my favorite moment of the day.  When I looked back at her in her car seat and she was holding her little baby doll that her Aunt Val (#4) gave her.  That is PRECIOUS!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I’m Back…

This has been my longest bloggy break ever.  Not much has been going on here, except that Tyler got home the first of February and we were supposed to go to Houston last weekend, but Dave’s first cousin passed away (at the age of 49) and we had a funeral to attend.  The current plans are to wait for a few weeks and hope this winter weather goes away and try to go to Houston in March sometime.  Kale’s birthday is at the end of the month… that may be a good time to go.  We’re blessed that he has every other Friday off, so we’ll aim for one of those weekends.

Kale and Kayla are busy with their new puppy and are actually trying to add another dog to their family.  At least I don’t have to worry about grandbabies being 10 hours away, yet!! But, they are so funny … Kayla tells me they have “family time” every night when Kale comes home and they take “Bosley” for his walk. Haha!


Tomorrow, my little sister, Kristin (#11), will be coming with her family for the weekend.

Kristin She doesn’t really look like THAT anymore. She looks more like this:

This guy…

Tyler with Tonka 1991ish …works for Kristin’s husband, Larry, and they have some business to attend to this weekend.  (He doesn’t really look like THAT anymore.)

While they’re here, I will get to hug on…

Sophia… and…

…Erik.  Adorable!!! I can’t wait!

PS.  Have y’all been watching American Idol??? I don’t have a favorite yet, but there is some good talent.  I’m glad it’s down to the Top 24… I’m ready for the talent to begin.  And I sure am missing Biggest Loser during the Olympics…