Sunday, August 28, 2011

Catching Up…

It’s been over a month since I last posted.  Time has just flown and we are simply living our daily lives with lots of sweet moments mixed in with the every day, ordinary stuff.  Sometimes I get caught up in the ordinary and forget to enjoy the simple moments that make life extraordinary.

Since I got back from Texas in May, it seems there has been so much going on at work and I had about one week where I actually felt like I had things done… caught up.  But, that didn’t last long.  We are currently working on changing up our Wednesday night kid’s program and I have been really absorbed with getting everything done that needs to be done.  We start in about two weeks.

Since I last posted, my sister went back home to Washington state.  She was able to stay for a month and I have to say that I got really spoiled having her here.  She moved out to go to college when she wasn’t yet 18, and when we moved from California to Arkansas she was in college so we left her behind.  She later married and moved to Washington and we haven’t been able to travel back and forth near enough. So having all my sisters close for a month was pretty special for me.  I spent as much time as I could up and my mom and dad’s while she was here and before she left, we went for a girl’s day… lunch, a haircut, and pedis.  Fun!

Now that I’ve covered work and my sister’s visit… pretty much everything else revolves around my family…

I picked this little gem up one day from day care and took her to see “Rango”.

July 2011 (8)

We made a couple of trips to my mom and dad’s.  Mads (like all the other grands) loves my Dad’s golf cart that he gets around his place with.

July 2011 (18)July 2011 (14)July 2011 (20)

We had a family movie night – “Bambi”…

July 2011 (25)

…enjoyed a cool morning in the back yard…

July 2011 (46)

… a couple of girl’s days…

082011 (1)082611 (10)082611 (11)082611 (12)

…and found some pretty sweet slippers…

082811 (1)

All in all, life is good!