Sunday, October 31, 2010

182–The Day of Rest (for some)

Today after church (which was SO good today, by the way) …

103110 (2)

(These two kind of like each other.)

… David left to go haul some wood for Ms. Charlsie and Jodi and I went to the park to play tennis. 

This is what the house looked like as I was leaving…

103110 (6)Izzy

103110 (8)Maddie

103110 (3)Daisy and Tyler (ha!)

103110 (7)

When Maddie woke up from her nap, she wanted to cuddle with Tyler.  So sweet!

It was another sweet Sunday at the Wallace house.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

181–Saturday at Home

Not much to post about today since I stayed at home all day long.  Daisy and I watched “A Beautiful Mind” this morning while the guys were out and about.  After the movie, she left and I gave the stinky dogs a bath and worked on laundry and catching up my checkbook.

Dave came home in time to watch the football game …


… and we spent the rest of the evening at home.  (Which is unusual for us.)

I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of October.  There’s only two months left in this year.  That’s just so hard to believe.

Friday, October 29, 2010

180–Time For the Weekend

Today was a busy day.  After lunchtime cardio, I went back to work for a little bit and then met Jodi at the school for the Homecoming parade.  Ranger always loans boats for the parade and she was pulling one and wanted me to ride along with her.  She had to beg, because I didn’t really like all that stuff when my kids were little. (Just sayin’.)

After the excitement of the parade – I will say it was fun seeing some of my favorite kiddos trying to catch candy that was being thrown – I ran back to work, finished up, and then headed to my favorite neighbor’s house to visit and sort her prescriptions.  Charlsie had a fire going in her wood stove…I’m getting close to wanting to build my first fire.

When I got home Tyler was here and Daisy and Maddie came shortly after.

Izzy was glad to see me… can you tell?

102910 (7)102910 (8)

Maddie decided Tyler needed a “pedicure”…

102910 (6)

…while we hung around and waited for David to get home.

102910 (4)

When he got here we went to eat pizza and visit Petco (as usual).  I bought Izzy a new “slow feed” bowl that is supposed to discourage dogs from eating too fast.  Izzy SCARFS her food!  I also got her some digestive enzymes to see if that will help freshen the air around here some… if you know what I mean.

Mads was beyond tired, so she’s in bed sleeping now and we are settling in for a movie.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

179–Less Than $80!

102810 (1)

I am so excited!! I saw a Tweet by my friend, Becky, today that showed Southwest was having cheap prices on tickets (ending today) and then a lady from our church came by and mentioned it, too.  So, I thought I’d jump on the computer and check the fares to Houston, of course!! The dates offered were December 1-15 or January 4-February 16, or something close.  So, we couldn’t get them for Christmas, but I thought I might just schedule another “Christmas” for me in February.

I could get a direct flight to Houston-Hobby (not the preferred airport) for $84 RT a piece.  Then I texted Kale.  He called me and asked if I had tried other airlines into Houston International (only a few minutes from his work) for the same time frame and we found nonstop flights for $79.50 each!!! Crazy, I know.  So, I got tickets for all five of us (Daisy and Maddie, too) to go in February for less than I would normally pay for TWO!!

I got a little nervous tonight, though, when I put the tickets in my cart and when I signed in to Continental’s site, I had to re-find my tickets and they were showing $208 a piece!  Freak out!! So, I opened another webpage and tried Expedia…same $208.  OMG! I tried Continental again with no luck.  I tried a date in January… still no luck.  So, I used my trusty “back button” on my browser and found my old cart and there they were at $79.50!!!  So, I checked out - quick.  Whew!!!

If I could find $80 tickets every two months, I’d be one happy momma!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

178–Trunk or Treat / The Big, Small Blog World

102710 (7)

Introducing… “Minnie Mouse”!! She was so cute.

102710 (13)

This is our Cubbies group.  ADORABLE!

And some of our “Puggles” (2 and 3 year old group)…

102710 (5)102710 (6)102710 (8)102710 (10)102710 (11)102710 (15)102710 (14)

Check out those shoes!!  When Maddie got to our car and saw David, she gave him a big old hug! So sweet!

102710 (12)

* * * * *

When I went in to the post office today, a woman was at the desk and her back was turned to me.  After a couple seconds, she turned around and said “hi” to me.  I said “hi” back.  And then she said, “I read your blog.”  She looked familiar to me, but I didn’t really know her.  She introduced herself (Hi, Susan!!) and mentioned that she has two sons, too.  I do remember her boys.  Her oldest is a couple years younger than Tyler.  He is also attending the Engineering College at Fayetteville, where Kale went. 

I don’t know if that ever happens to you… it’s only happened to me a couple times, but it’s a strange feeling when someone tells you they read your blog.  I honestly don’t sit and think, “hmm, who’s going to read this post?” when I type. (Maybe I should???)  Mostly I write so my kids will know how much I LOVE them and want them to know me… not just as their mom, but as a person.  Sometimes I write because I have something on my heart and sometimes I have absolutely nothing to say.  Usually I write to a blog world that I really never put a face too… except for my friends and family who probably feel they have to read it because they love me. Ha!

I love that the blog world lets us connect with people from all kinds of places, who have very different lives, but also very similar lives.  I read this post by Lauren (who is only in her mid-20s) and thought how similar our memories of the holidays are even though we grew up under very different circumstances at a very different time.  I love reading about young mothers and seeing them newly experience things that are, to me, tender memories that I hold very dear and wish I could time-travel back to on occasion.  Through blogging, I’ve also been given the opportunity to pray for people I don’t know in real life who have real life hurts, fears, and desires (Stellan, Elizabeth, Dawn, several people who want nothing more than a child to love – to name a few). You get truly invested in the lives of people you pray for.

I’m also appreciative of the real life people God has put in my life that have been an encouragement to me.  My sweet and dear friend, Karen, who also had two sons several years before David and I became parents.  Her and her husband were the BEST parents and we often watched in curiosity – wondering what our lives were going to be like by watching them with their boys.  The Lord has been good to them and they are blessed with godly young sons and beautiful daughters-in-law and even more beautiful grandbabies. (We’re being prepared for that stage to come in our lives.) 

We live in a great big SMALL world.  Blogging has made it even bigger and much smaller all at the same time.

* * * * *

What is your reaction when someone says to you, “I read your blog.”??

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

177–Poked and Prodded

102610 (1)

David and I both had doctors appointments this afternoon.  We NEVER go together, but since we both needed them, I just scheduled them that way.  I had a mole that I wanted to have removed… I hate moles and would rather have them gone than along for the ride.  So, by this afternoon, I had a flu shot, breast exam, and a mole removed.  I felt a little poked and prodded. Ha!

Tomorrow night the Awana kids are going to “trunk or treat” in the church parking lot.  They are always so cute and they have such a good time.  Fun is had by all.  Here’s the candy we’ve collected in the church office so far…

102610 (3)

Maddie is going to debut her costume… she’ll be adorable!

Monday, October 25, 2010


(I’ve had really original post titles lately, haven’t I?)

102510 (4)102510 (5)

Another beautiful morning.  And a typical Monday at work.  I really like Mondays – well, after I get over the getting out of bed part.  After that, Mondays are good.

I talked to Kale today… we’re still trying to decide how we are going to get to be together for the holidays.  I really want to have my family together for Christmas!

I got some new running shoes over the weekend, so I was ready to try them out today.

This evening, Dave made supper (deer meat, green beans, and corn) for Tyler, Daisy, Maddie and me.  (I have to admit, that I had a small piece of meat and made myself a black bean burger. Ha! I can only do just a tiny bit of deer meat.  It’s just okay to me…plus he fries it.)

Here are the kids wearing Mads out tonight:

102510 (1)102510 (2)102510 (6)

Sunday, October 24, 2010


We had a nice, quiet day today.  After church this morning, we ate our typical Sunday lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  Afterwards, while Maddie napped, Tyler, Daisy and I watched “How to Lose a Guy” and “Serendipity” (although we all separately napped some all over the living room furniture during movie time). Ha!

Before church tonight, I took this picture of the sky.  We sure have had some beautiful skies in the last several days.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

174–Mercy Me, MercyMe was GOOD!

I’ve known that MercyMe was coming to our area for several months, and I (in typical Jacquie-fashion) waited until this week (translated – last minute) to get tickets.  I texted Tyler mid-week and asked if he and Daisy might want to come with me…and he said, “yes”.  The concert was in a new convention center at our community college.  I assumed all the seats would be “doable”, but when we got there, we realized we were nearly on the very back row and we couldn’t see a thing.  I’ll just interject here that I didn’t have the best attitude when I came to this realization.  I was thinking, “man, we just wasted a lot of money.”  But, when Dave Barnes had just started his set, one of the men working the event came up to Tyler and asked if we wanted better seats.  And he gave us three complimentary tickets in a MUCH better section.  It made a world of difference!  My first thought was, “sorry, Lord, for my sorry attitude” and my second thought was, “oh, and by the way, thank You!” 

102310 (5)102310 (6)

MercyMe came out with “Revolution” (Beatles’ song).  That was so fun!  The moment that was most memorable to me was when we sang “Amazing Grace” and “Word of God Speak”…and He did.

102310 (12)

This is MercyMe’s “The Generous Mr. Lovewell” tour…it’s a reminder to us to love others well.  That seems to be a theme that God has been reminding me of over and over this year. 

102310 (11)

How would this world be different if we just simply chose to love others well?

Friday, October 22, 2010

173–October is…

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Just saying.

So, today I had an appointment here:

photo 1

And apparently I need to be MUCH better about taking my calcium, because my bone density test wasn’t so great.

The sky was pretty (and pink) this morning.  I tried to get it with my phone camera, but it doesn’t do it justice.

102210 (1)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

172–Old Toys

As the boys got older, I sorted through their toys and kept a stash of some of their favorites or ones who had sentimental value to me.  I hadn’t got them out or thought of them much in a LONG time, but since Maddie’s been around we’ve gotten a few of them out.


These blocks were the kids when they were toddlers.  Mixed in with them are some of their old Hot Wheels and farm vehicles and some Jenga blocks. And if you look closely, you can see that Maddie added a “Strawberry Shortcake” Happy Meal toy.  Ha!  The Jenga blocks very seldom were used as they were intended… mostly they were the edges to imaginary roads or hay bales or something.  Nearly every vehicle in there has been painted with flames or some design by Tyler.  (He painted everything he could get his hands on… including bowling pins, baseball helmets, computer mice, you name it.)

It’s fun to see them come out again.  Have you saved any of your children’s toys? Or do you plan to keep any that have special meaning to you?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

171– Just A Few Things I’m Thankful For Today

I took this photo from my back yard this morning.  The fog was beautiful. I love this time of year.  The mornings are crisp and cool and the days are warm.  Perfect.

102010 (3)

I am thankful for the change of seasons.

There’s a sweet man in our church who is always giving of his time to come and fix things that need to be fixed in the church.  He took care of a few things on our to-do list today.  He is a humble and gentle man… and I’m thankful for his servant’s heart.

For the last several weeks (while the weather has been so nice), I’ve been walking during my lunch hour with my sisters (#3 and #4).  So, while I get my cardio in…I get to have sister time.  I’m thankful for five sisters and five brothers.

A precious little girl in our church is going on vacation with her mom and grandma this week.  Her dad works “on the road” and they are going to see him in Texas.  They will be passing through Houston and she’s promised me she’ll holler and wave at the K’s when they drive through.  She is so sweet.  I’m thankful for the adorable preschool children in my life.

Speaking of adorable preschool children… little Miss Maddie was so cute eating soup with us tonight.  She loved breaking her crackers up into it.

102010 (1)102010 (4)

She does my heart good!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Every morning when I get in the shower, Izzy usually goes to her crate.  (She’s a lot like her momma… she wants to go back to bed right after she has to get up!)

This morning, this was what I saw when I got out of the shower…these two are becoming good friends.  Can you see Daisy behind Izzy?

101910 (1)101910 (2)

I’m starting to realize how close the holidays are getting.  There’s only about two months left until Christmas.  Can you believe that?  The trees are just beginning to turn here.  I hope we get a few more warm days before the cold, cold weather sets in.  I love the fall – it makes me look forward to November and December and the holiday season.  Love it!

Monday, October 18, 2010

169–Sleepy Monday

I had a busy Monday…which I love, but I have been awful tired today.  I think this explains it…


…and the full moon isn’t even until this weekend.  I am going to head to bed and hope for a better night’s sleep.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

168–Sixteen Years Ago Today

Sixteen years ago today, I started working for the best church family ever.  I was thinking about that today…it’s so hard to believe I was just 30 years old when I started.  And Steve was about my age! Ha!  It has been a huge blessing.

And speaking of blessings…

101710 (1)

Tonight when I took Maddie to church, one of our sweet little girls met her in the hallway and said, “I’m a year older than you.  And when I’m thirteen, I’m gonna be a teenager.” Maddie just looked at her like “huh?”  I got so tickled.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

167–It Was the Shoes That Made The Outfit

Last night, Daisy and Maddie spent the night.  We slept in this morning and left around noon for Branson.  I haven’t done Branson with a little one in a LOOOOONNNNNGGGG time.  It was definitely different, but a lot of fun.  Our first stop (besides TJ Maxx, of course) was The Disney Store.  Daisy wanted to find Maddie’s Halloween costume.  I don’t want to give it away, but here’s a CUTE hint…

101610 (2)

Izzy has had a little over a month to get used to Tyler’s dog being here.  They had a rough start, but they are getting to be better friends all the time.


After my long day at Branson, they were ready for a little of this tonight.

Friday, October 15, 2010

166–It’s THAT Time of Year Again

There’s a lot of hunting that goes on around the Wallace house at this time of year… so while the men are bonding, the girls are getting a little girl time.

Daisy, Maddie and I joined White Cloud and Jodi for dinner at a new pizza place tonight (Larry’s Pizza).  Friday night is buffet night and you sit at the table and they deliver all kinds of different pizza to your table.  We sampled spinach chicken, loaded baked potato, taco, barbeque, and three different dessert pizzas! It was fun.

Here’s what Maddie thought of it…

101510 (2)101510 (4)101510 (1)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

165–It’s True … Absence Does Make the Heart Grow Fonder

I was so happy to see Kale last week, but there’s always sort of a let down that comes with seeing, enjoying, then saying goodbye to your child when they go back home.  I’ve been wishing a lot lately that I could (if I just felt like it) jump in my car and drive two hours (like I used to) to see the K’s.  Some days I do just fine… other days it’s harder.

Today, when I was in my file cabinet, I picked up a church bulletin from last year around this time.  I texted a copy to Kayla.

101410 (2)

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year.  Those were some hectic days for us, but they sure were sweet, too!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

164–Cute Kids and an Anniversary

We had 7 little ones for Cubbies tonight.  They are adorable.  Two of my leaders were out tonight, so David, Tyler and Daisy helped us.  I think they had fun!

101310 (2)

Today is my parent’s 54th wedding anniversary.  That’s a long time.  I can honestly say that they were a wonderful example of what a good marriage should be.  They may not have always agreed on everything, but we never knew when they didn’t.  They were always a united front and treated each other with utmost respect.  Every child should have the upbringing that I did.

John & Pat Wedding