Tuesday, October 12, 2010

163–Busy Tuesday

I had a busy Tuesday.  I spent part of yesterday and all of today reformatting my hard drive at work and reinstalling all my software.  That’s always nerve-wracking for me.  I’m afraid I’m going to lose something in the process.  But, I’m almost finished and so far it’s gone pretty smoothly.
I also went to see Ms. Charlsie today.  I found a couple of pills mixed in with another bottle of medicine.  The thought of that scares me.  She tells me she doesn’t know how it happens.  I know that she needs all her pills, so I worry about whether she missed them or what exactly happened to them.
This evening, JoAnn and I worked out with Daisy.  We took it fairly easy on her, but she hasn’t worked out in a while…  someone is going to be sore, me thinks.
This is how the day ended…

101210 (10)
101210 (9)


Kayla said...

so jealous she gets to work out with you!!!!

love the pictures :)

Kelley said...

That is great that she got to work out with you. I need a trainer too. I ran/jogged last night. It felt great. I was sore today. No pain, no gain.