Thursday, October 14, 2010

165–It’s True … Absence Does Make the Heart Grow Fonder

I was so happy to see Kale last week, but there’s always sort of a let down that comes with seeing, enjoying, then saying goodbye to your child when they go back home.  I’ve been wishing a lot lately that I could (if I just felt like it) jump in my car and drive two hours (like I used to) to see the K’s.  Some days I do just fine… other days it’s harder.

Today, when I was in my file cabinet, I picked up a church bulletin from last year around this time.  I texted a copy to Kayla.

101410 (2)

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year.  Those were some hectic days for us, but they sure were sweet, too!


Kelley said...

It just seems like yesterday that you were sharing wedding photos with us. Time flies. They are a precious couple. Glad they had a wonderful first year together.

Susie said...

Goodness it seems like yesterday when they got married. Time just flies.

Kayla said...

aww...we were there like EVERY weekend with yall during that time :(

im starting to make anniversary plans!! that's crazy to me. too much has gone on this year so it really has flown.

His Doorkeeper said...

I don't know what it is but this is the life seems to go any more....very quickly! Enjoy every minute that you feel good and can do what you need to do!

Dorothy said...

Has it been a year already???? My but how time flies when you're having fun!!!