Tuesday, October 26, 2010

177–Poked and Prodded

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David and I both had doctors appointments this afternoon.  We NEVER go together, but since we both needed them, I just scheduled them that way.  I had a mole that I wanted to have removed… I hate moles and would rather have them gone than along for the ride.  So, by this afternoon, I had a flu shot, breast exam, and a mole removed.  I felt a little poked and prodded. Ha!

Tomorrow night the Awana kids are going to “trunk or treat” in the church parking lot.  They are always so cute and they have such a good time.  Fun is had by all.  Here’s the candy we’ve collected in the church office so far…

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Maddie is going to debut her costume… she’ll be adorable!


The Garners said...

Our church is doing a fall festival for the first time this year--I'm so excited. They are doing several fun activities, including a Trunk-or-Treat. Should be fun! Good luck with yours...I can't wait to see M's costume! :)

Susie said...

Doctor visits are never fun. I know you are glad that is over.

Enjoy the festivities tonight. Don't eat too much candy.

Kelley said...

I think Trunk or Treat is a neat idea! They are doing that at my brother's church this weekend. Can't wait to see Madddie's costume. MK is going to be Tinker Bell and my Mady is going to be a sun flower.