Friday, October 8, 2010

159–A Day with My Boys

Kale mentioned last night that it was the first night in a LONG time that I’ve had my little family of four all together under my roof for the whole night.  That was a neat thought, but I sure do miss Kayla.  Tyler and David both went to work today and Kale and I woke up and just enjoyed a quiet morning at the house together.  When Dave came home for lunch, we went to visit Ms. Charlsie for a while.  She wanted to “hug Kale’s neck”.  After Tyler got off work, he and Kale worked with Daisy (the dog) to try and get her to walk on a leash.  (Izzy doesn’t understand her resistance…she LOVES the leash.)

100810 (1)100810 (2)
When Dave got home, we sat out in the yard and visited for a while …
100810 (4)
…before going to eat supper with Daisy and Maddie.
100810 (5)
I loved spending the day with my boys!!


Dorothy said...

How nice to have your family together again. I know you had a wonderful time!

petrii said...

Oh how sweet!!! Your place in the woods is just beautiful!!

Have a Super Blessed weekend friend,

Kelley said...

What a special day! That is such a precious picture of Kale and Maddie.

Kayla said...

i love that yall have this weekend together!

and i agree with kelley, 100%!