Monday, October 25, 2010


(I’ve had really original post titles lately, haven’t I?)

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Another beautiful morning.  And a typical Monday at work.  I really like Mondays – well, after I get over the getting out of bed part.  After that, Mondays are good.

I talked to Kale today… we’re still trying to decide how we are going to get to be together for the holidays.  I really want to have my family together for Christmas!

I got some new running shoes over the weekend, so I was ready to try them out today.

This evening, Dave made supper (deer meat, green beans, and corn) for Tyler, Daisy, Maddie and me.  (I have to admit, that I had a small piece of meat and made myself a black bean burger. Ha! I can only do just a tiny bit of deer meat.  It’s just okay to me…plus he fries it.)

Here are the kids wearing Mads out tonight:

102510 (1)102510 (2)102510 (6)


Dorothy said...

Looks like a fun Monday! I'm sure you will figure out a way to get all your family together for the holidays!

Kayla said...

im having the same issue with ive been sticking with the number! haha

we are trying to figure christmas out. it was SOO much easier when there wasnt a job involved! haha

yea...can't do the deer meat but the BBB sounds DELISH! havent had that in a while!

Susie said...

I bet it was more like she wore them out! hehe!

Daisy said...

Monday is Monday though... what other name more suitable.. I think I put my favorite day of the week haha.. && I love the last pic! Maddie conked out as soon as we left your drive way haha

Kelley said...

That sounds like a great dinner! Haven't had deer meat in years. I hope you are able to have all of your family together for the holidays.