Sunday, October 10, 2010

161–Back to Reality

Kale had to go back home this morning. That doesn’t get any easier.  Although, it almost feels like Christmas comes several times a year to me now that I have little trips back and forth dispersed throughout the year.  I LOVE my kids so much it nearly hurts… but it does this momma’s heart so much good knowing that they are happy and enjoying the lives they’re living.  I think it must be the best part of parenting.
So, today we’re back to reality. 
Like these two sitting on my couch spreading all kinds of cuteness around my living room.

101010 (5)
…and a little grocery shopping after church tonight.  Dave and I found these in the Halloween candy aisle.  Oh my goodness.
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Dorothy said...

Such a cute couple!! Oh, my goodness!! Creatures in jars! What will they think of next?????

Kelley said...

I haven't seen those creatures in jars around here yet. It is amazing what they can come up with. I know it was sad seeing Kale leave. Hopefully you can get together soon. Tyler and Daisy are so cute!

Kayla said...

my goodness, they're cute!!

those creature things...not so much

His Doorkeeper said...

i am so glad you got to have Kale all to yourself this week-end but I bet I know a little gal in Texas who was even happier to see him come home!!

Was so glad Tyler and Daisy had lunch with us yesterday. Hope they enjoyed it and didn't miss their usual Tx-Mex!!