Wednesday, October 27, 2010

178–Trunk or Treat / The Big, Small Blog World

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Introducing… “Minnie Mouse”!! She was so cute.

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This is our Cubbies group.  ADORABLE!

And some of our “Puggles” (2 and 3 year old group)…

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Check out those shoes!!  When Maddie got to our car and saw David, she gave him a big old hug! So sweet!

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* * * * *

When I went in to the post office today, a woman was at the desk and her back was turned to me.  After a couple seconds, she turned around and said “hi” to me.  I said “hi” back.  And then she said, “I read your blog.”  She looked familiar to me, but I didn’t really know her.  She introduced herself (Hi, Susan!!) and mentioned that she has two sons, too.  I do remember her boys.  Her oldest is a couple years younger than Tyler.  He is also attending the Engineering College at Fayetteville, where Kale went. 

I don’t know if that ever happens to you… it’s only happened to me a couple times, but it’s a strange feeling when someone tells you they read your blog.  I honestly don’t sit and think, “hmm, who’s going to read this post?” when I type. (Maybe I should???)  Mostly I write so my kids will know how much I LOVE them and want them to know me… not just as their mom, but as a person.  Sometimes I write because I have something on my heart and sometimes I have absolutely nothing to say.  Usually I write to a blog world that I really never put a face too… except for my friends and family who probably feel they have to read it because they love me. Ha!

I love that the blog world lets us connect with people from all kinds of places, who have very different lives, but also very similar lives.  I read this post by Lauren (who is only in her mid-20s) and thought how similar our memories of the holidays are even though we grew up under very different circumstances at a very different time.  I love reading about young mothers and seeing them newly experience things that are, to me, tender memories that I hold very dear and wish I could time-travel back to on occasion.  Through blogging, I’ve also been given the opportunity to pray for people I don’t know in real life who have real life hurts, fears, and desires (Stellan, Elizabeth, Dawn, several people who want nothing more than a child to love – to name a few). You get truly invested in the lives of people you pray for.

I’m also appreciative of the real life people God has put in my life that have been an encouragement to me.  My sweet and dear friend, Karen, who also had two sons several years before David and I became parents.  Her and her husband were the BEST parents and we often watched in curiosity – wondering what our lives were going to be like by watching them with their boys.  The Lord has been good to them and they are blessed with godly young sons and beautiful daughters-in-law and even more beautiful grandbabies. (We’re being prepared for that stage to come in our lives.) 

We live in a great big SMALL world.  Blogging has made it even bigger and much smaller all at the same time.

* * * * *

What is your reaction when someone says to you, “I read your blog.”??


Daisy said...

i've had that at church a couple times and i usually say aww thanks

Daisy said...

ok my first comment was real short... obviously i was tired lol but i feel like you and kayla are the only ones that read my blog and when other people tell me they read i'm pretty shocked haha =) i loooove all the pics.. i'll be sending the ones that i got last night to your gmail =))

Susie said...

So far that hasn't happened. Really no surprises there! hehe!

Lovely post Jacquie and those little ones are so cute.

Kimberley said...

minnie mouse was sooo cute!! she did the costume well!

i've never had anyone stop me before about my blog, if they did, i would probably turn red! but i would definitely thank them for stopping by. the only reason i do it is to document my life with boys, and now it's become a hobby that i enjoy. but never thought anyone would read it.

this may sound crazy, but i see myself like you one day... with 2 grown sons and me telling the new moms to enjoy every second because it flies by. almost like a full-circle moment. if that makes sense.

i definitely enjoy your posts!!

p.s. i've seen a few ladies out in public whose blogs i read. i only had the courage to go up to one and admit it though (because we were standing in line) HA! the others probably just thought some random lady was staring at them. HA!

Kimberley said...

p.p.s if i ever see you, i will introduce myself :)

Lauren said...

I just love you Jacquie and so glad the blog world connected us!!! :)

Kayla said...

all those kiddos are TOOOOOO cute! mads makes the CUTEST minnie ever!!!

ive never had that happen to me and prob never will! haha i think i would die of embarrassment and repeatedly proclaim that im NOT the crazy boston terrier lady! haha

Kelley said...

Maddie looks so cute! I haven't ever met a blog reader of mine. I have enjoyed writing so much. I really started as a way to speak about my feelings about losing my brother. It is amazing the people I have "met" through blogging.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm always startled when someone says they read my blog. That happened when I was on the mission trip - one of the weekly volunteers who came told me first thing that she reads my blog and I was amazed. And sometimes when someone tells me that I think, "oh what have I said and was it good?" :) blessings, marlene

Susan Leonard said...

HI! I LOVE reading your blog! I just want to yell at the computer screen when you write about your boys- and say "I KNOW I KNOW" I know just how you feel!ha I really enjoy your blog.. :)