Sunday, October 17, 2010

168–Sixteen Years Ago Today

Sixteen years ago today, I started working for the best church family ever.  I was thinking about that today…it’s so hard to believe I was just 30 years old when I started.  And Steve was about my age! Ha!  It has been a huge blessing.

And speaking of blessings…

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Tonight when I took Maddie to church, one of our sweet little girls met her in the hallway and said, “I’m a year older than you.  And when I’m thirteen, I’m gonna be a teenager.” Maddie just looked at her like “huh?”  I got so tickled.


Kayla said...

oh my, this picture melts my heart!! im thinking we will have to wait on kids until we are all together again! :)

i cant believe a year ago i almost bawled my eyes out in church when they gave yall tickets to come see us! congrats on 16 years! they're lucky to have you :)

Kelley said...

That is terrific! Congrats on 16 years! I know you have been a blessing to them.

Susie said...

Congrats Jacquie! That's wonderful!

His Doorkeeper said...

Kayla is right.....We are "lucky" (only I say we are BLESSED) to have you for these past 16 years! Luck had nothing to do with it....God brought you to Himself and to us!!

Thank you for all you do for Him and His church and for us too! We are so thankful! S and J

Kimberley said...

that's a wonderful accomplishment!

p.s. do you have an email address that i could send something to? have a question for you. if so, mine is