Friday, October 15, 2010

166–It’s THAT Time of Year Again

There’s a lot of hunting that goes on around the Wallace house at this time of year… so while the men are bonding, the girls are getting a little girl time.

Daisy, Maddie and I joined White Cloud and Jodi for dinner at a new pizza place tonight (Larry’s Pizza).  Friday night is buffet night and you sit at the table and they deliver all kinds of different pizza to your table.  We sampled spinach chicken, loaded baked potato, taco, barbeque, and three different dessert pizzas! It was fun.

Here’s what Maddie thought of it…

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Sharmin said...

Okay, so just where is this Larry's Pizza? Sounds like my kind of place!

His Doorkeeper said...

So what do you think? Was it good enough to go again?
I love spinach, artichoke & chicken pizza at Brick oven pizza! It is delicious!

Maddie is a cutie!! Those expressions!

Kayla said...

fun! so glad yall are hanging out while the guys are away...not gunna lie, wish i could be there, too!

oh, that mads is ADORABLE!

Dorothy said...

I like that kind of Pizza place! Back when our men were young enough to hunt, my sisters, friends and I enjoyed lots of 'girl time', too! Those were the days!!!

Kelley said...

Maddie is precious. Sounds like a neat place!