Sunday, October 3, 2010

154 – Relatives

I think I counted one time… and I have 59 first cousins. I don’t even know exactly how many nieces and nephews I have.  I love it! I love having a big family and BIG extended family. 

My mom called last night and told me that my Uncle (her brother, Jim) and Aunt were coming in late this afternoon for a short visit.  My cousin, Linda, also just came in from California as well, so Mom and Dad planned a little get together.

100310 (9) My Aunt Karen (my Mom’s sister) and Uncle David

100310 (10) My Uncle Jim and Aunt Barb

100310 (6)

My cousins, Linda (left) and Lori (right).  (Can you tell we’re related by the hair???) For those of you who know my cousin, Allison, Linda and Lori are her older sisters.

We had a great time catching up…and all the girls are planning a lunch together next weekend when Allison is in.


The Garners said...

WOW--59 cousins! Love it!

Dorothy said...

Oh, Double WOW! I thought I had a lot of first cousins, but have me beat!!! Hope you enjoy all of them that are visiting you!

Susie said...

That's a big family Jacquie! How fun!

His Doorkeeper said...

I can't imagine that many cousins! I have like four!
Glad you got to visit with them!

Kelley said...

I wish I had that! I think it is so special. I have 5 first cousins and they are all over 50. Some in their 60s.