Saturday, October 30, 2010

181–Saturday at Home

Not much to post about today since I stayed at home all day long.  Daisy and I watched “A Beautiful Mind” this morning while the guys were out and about.  After the movie, she left and I gave the stinky dogs a bath and worked on laundry and catching up my checkbook.

Dave came home in time to watch the football game …


… and we spent the rest of the evening at home.  (Which is unusual for us.)

I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of October.  There’s only two months left in this year.  That’s just so hard to believe.


Kelley said...

I am with you. It has gone by too fast!

Kimberley said...

i believe this has been the fastest year of my life!

His Doorkeeper said...

Wish I had know you were giving stinky dogs baths yesterday....I could have lined up two more for ya!! har