Saturday, October 23, 2010

174–Mercy Me, MercyMe was GOOD!

I’ve known that MercyMe was coming to our area for several months, and I (in typical Jacquie-fashion) waited until this week (translated – last minute) to get tickets.  I texted Tyler mid-week and asked if he and Daisy might want to come with me…and he said, “yes”.  The concert was in a new convention center at our community college.  I assumed all the seats would be “doable”, but when we got there, we realized we were nearly on the very back row and we couldn’t see a thing.  I’ll just interject here that I didn’t have the best attitude when I came to this realization.  I was thinking, “man, we just wasted a lot of money.”  But, when Dave Barnes had just started his set, one of the men working the event came up to Tyler and asked if we wanted better seats.  And he gave us three complimentary tickets in a MUCH better section.  It made a world of difference!  My first thought was, “sorry, Lord, for my sorry attitude” and my second thought was, “oh, and by the way, thank You!” 

102310 (5)102310 (6)

MercyMe came out with “Revolution” (Beatles’ song).  That was so fun!  The moment that was most memorable to me was when we sang “Amazing Grace” and “Word of God Speak”…and He did.

102310 (12)

This is MercyMe’s “The Generous Mr. Lovewell” tour…it’s a reminder to us to love others well.  That seems to be a theme that God has been reminding me of over and over this year. 

102310 (11)

How would this world be different if we just simply chose to love others well?


Kimberley said...

how neat, i would love to see them! glad you were blessed!

Susie said...

I bet their concert was fantastic! I love that group.

I'd say God was definitely looking out for you with the better seats.

Kelley said...

That is great! I wish I could have gone! I love that group.

Kelley said...

That is great! I wish I could have gone! I love that group.