Thursday, March 31, 2011

333–24 Years Ago…


Twenty-four years ago at this exact time my life changed forever. I became a mom and nothing about my life has been the same ever since.  I see things differently.  I think things differently. I feel things differently.

I started a journal (and I’m ashamed to admit I did a horrible job of keeping up with it) when I found out I was pregnant with Kale.  (I started another one for Tyler when I realized we were pregnant again.)

Kale's first birthday

Here are a few things from some early entries…

[On being pregnant with him]  I loved you from the moment I suspected you were there. I fed you, talked to you, patted you, rubbed you, and treated you as if you were already born.  I don’t think there was one unhappy moment of pregnancy.

[On knowing he was a boy – I never had an ultrasound]  I knew all along you were a boy!  I had your room painted blue 5 months into my pregnancy.

[On how big he was – 9 lbs. 8 oz. at birth]  You are over 2 months old now, wearing 12 month outfits, and I can’t imagine how we ever made it without you. You are the love of our lives… all 16 pounds of you!

[On how special our relationship is] I feel so connected to you. We are very close. I hope that never changes.  My love for you grows with every breath you take. You are such a good boy and good friend.

I am still amazed at how the character traits and personality of both of my boys has remained the same from infancy until now.  The words I used to describe Kale as a baby and young boy are still true about him today…sweet, sensitive, caring, loving, funny, trustworthy, very intelligent, a leader, independent, respectful, head strong, responsible to name a few. 

I used to think about how the years ahead of me would bring change and my little boys, who were so dependent on me, wouldn’t need me any more.  I  worried that would mean loneliness and emptiness for me.  I never, in my wildest dreams, imagined that as that happened our relationships would change into something even better.  I am blessed to be Kale’s mom and even more blessed that we are the best of friends.

On his 8th birthday, I finished my entry with these words… they are still true today:

You are certainly a wonderful, special and loving young man! And I am the luckiest Mom on earth!!

Happy Birthday, Kale David!! We love you!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

332–A (Wednes)Day in the Life

033011 (3)

Look who came to my office today!! And she had the Preacher running up and down the hallway in the office.  Too cute!

033011 (4)

Wednesdays are pretty busy.  One of the hardest things is supper.  Daisy doesn’t normally get off work until 5:00 and it’s usually 5:30 0r after by the time she picks up Maddie and gets here.  We eat supper FAST and run out the door to get to church by 6:15.  It’s always crazy.  So, tonight was great because Tyler went to the store and got stuff for supper and cooked for us!!

033011 (6)

Maddie didn’t really want what Tyler made, but she did want to eat this apple.

033011 (7)033011 (8)

Maddie LOVES to see her friends at church.  She would go every night, I think.

After church, we all sat around to watch American Idol (which was GREAT).  Tyler likes to have me pop corn in my Whirly Pop. 

033011 (5)

He and I like ours with parmesan cheese on top… which usually ends up on our shirts.  Izzy was after Tyler’s leftovers.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

331–Randomness–Sick Dogs, Tangled, and Texas (again!)

032911 (3)032911 (4)032911 (7)

My poor, poor Izzy had to go to the vet this morning.  She’s on antibiotics for a week or so and then she should be fine… just a little scary for me.  You’d never know that I’m NOT a dog person, would you?  Jodi’s dog, Mercury, was there and had been in overnight… but I don’t think Izzy got to visit him.  Mercury is 15 years old!! He has been going down-hill for a while now. They’re doing the best they can to keep him going (and comfortable).  This is a tough time for Jodi… Merc has been her buddy for a long time.

Maddie is going to be excited when she sees what I got in today.  (I’m a little hooked on Amazon.)

Tangled (Four-Disc Combo: Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy)

I talked to the K’s tonight and I think I’ll schedule a trip to Houston for my birthday in May! Happy Birthday to me!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

330–It’s That Time of Year Again & “Army Wives”


We got our Vacation Bible School order in at church today.  We’re “going to NYC” this summer for the “Big Apple Adventure”.  VBS takes lots of planning and work and we are always blessed with so many faithful workers. (If you go to our church and want to volunteer to help this year… you can register online at  Parents can register their children there as well.)

On another note… do y’all watch “Army Wives”?  It’s in its 5th Season, but I think I started watching the night of the 3rd Season-opener.  I love that show!! Last night was the most emotional episode ever.  I cried from the beginning until the end.  Just so sad… and the truth is, every day families in our nation are losing loved ones in combat as they fight for the way of life that we take for granted every single day.  I try to make a point to thank a service man/woman any and every time I can.  Our society idolizes celebrities and athletes… the men and women serving our country are truly my heroes!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

329–Fun, Full Sunday


We’ve been busy all day and yet, this is the only picture I took.  After church (and lunch), Tyler, Daisy and I made a trip to my ol’ alma mater… well, at least to the parking lot of the school.  It’s a pretty good half-way point between us and where Maddie’s grandma lives.  Maddie spent the night with her grandma so we drove out there to pick her up.  Afterward, we headed to my parent’s house.  Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday and we wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday.

It’s been a fun, full day.

PS – Are y’all watching “Secret Millionaire”? What a great show!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

328–Me and My Shadow

I’ve been lazy pretty much all day…trying to keep a migraine away.  Most of the morning I watched the “Investigation Discovery” channel and the rest of the day we’ve watched the NCAA tournament.

Izzy has been my shadow …

032611 (1)

Friday, March 25, 2011

327– A Friday Night First

I had a little virus scare yesterday… so, of course, I called Kale to get reassurance that I had handled it right.  He got onto me (a little) for using IE… so this picture of Google Chrome is for you, Kale David. Better?

032511 (2)

I just noticed that I took that photo at 10:50 AM and it was only 37 degrees here at that time.  We’ve lost our Spring weather!!

I took Izzy this afternoon and ran some errands for Ms. Charlsie.  Bless her heart, I took her to the doctor yesterday … her appointment was scheduled for 4:45 PM, the nurse called us to the back a little after 6:00 PM, the doctor came in just before 7:00 PM, and we FINALLY left the office at 8:20 PM.  She and I were both worn out.  Who knew a doctor in this day and time would keep those hours??  He is working with her meds to try to keep her B/P down.  I hope it helps soon.  She’s had a rough week or so.

After I got home, Daisy and Maddie came over.  Tyler and Daisy went on a date and Maddie stayed with us.  Dave was late getting home… so we did a first for us… we ordered Chili’s to Go.  I know for some of you that’s not all that unusual, but we live about 20 minutes from town so we don’t normally order carry out – unless it’s pizza.  It was SO much less of a hassle than taking a tired 3-year old out at 7:30 PM, but the food is MUCH better when it’s fresh in the restaurant. 

032511 (3)

I have had a hankerin’ for this for several weeks now.  Love their Santa Fe Wrap!

When I was reading “Pinkalicious – School Rules” to Mads tonight, the book said that Pinkalicious missed her unicorn while she was at school and it made her sad.  Maddie (who is so compassionate) asked me why she was sad and I told her that she was missing her unicorn.  She replies “why?”  and I said, “it’s like when I miss Izzy” and she says real quick, “NO! You miss Kale!!” Oh, yes I do!  (She remembers me sitting in the car crying after Kale left a couple of weeks ago.)

Speaking of the Ks, I’m trying to decide on plans for my next trip.  I’m hoping they’ll be able to come in for the 4th of July, so I’m trying to decide if I want to make a trip between now and then or after the 4th.  Maybe in the Fall? I’m planning on it just being me, by myself, and spending several days just relaxing and hanging out with the kids.  I’m thinking the weather in Houston will be better in May than, say, September???

Thursday, March 24, 2011

326–Crazy AI Results Show (If you haven’t watched–Warning: Slight Spoiler)


This is what the end of my day looked like.  A Shamrock Shake. (I know, I know.)

I am usually pretty good at picking “the bottom three” on American Idol.  Tonight, I had two out of three right, but would have never guessed Casey would be included.  I’ll just say, without giving away too much, that it was one crazy results show!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

325–Cold Weather, Hokey Pokey & Idol

My photos for today are horrible. So, I apologize in advance.

I took a picture of this bush in our neighborhood today, because Spring has sprung and from the looks of the weather, we’ve got a winter blast coming through next week.  Dreading that.

032311 (2)

Maddie was entertaining us tonight with the Hokey Pokey among other songs.  Silly girl.

032311 (3)032311 (4)

(Dave just got in from working out and at the farm… you can see him in his work boots and gym attire behind Maddie.  Haha!)

Did y’all watch American Idol tonight? I could have easily voted for SEVEN of the ELEVEN in the competition.  I’ve never felt that way at this stage of the game before.  There are some talented people this year.  Steven Tyler is still cracking me up.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

324–Filling the Space The Piano Left


Kale’s huge piano left a gaping hole in my living room.  (I’m still not used to not walking all the way around the piano.)  I ended up spreading out my very cramped seating and moving my old antique armoire to the wall near where the piano sat.  It’s a big piece.  We have very low ceilings in this house and there’s barely enough room to put stuff on top of it.  This is one of my favorite pieces of furniture.

Kale made arrangements to buy back our old upright piano – that he sold when he got the big one – so, soon I’ll have to rearrange again.  I just know that I want to have something that Kale can play when he comes for a visit.

Monday, March 21, 2011

323–Spring Day

032111It was another perfect weather day today!! The trees are in bloom and I am so happy Spring time is here!!

I tried to get a picture of the super moon last night (it was too cloudy on Saturday night).  When I went outside around 9:00 (I think) the moon was still really low and the tree line was in the way.  I had a hard time finding it because it was so low, but then I saw a huge orange mass. 032011 (3) Supermoon

It was a pretty cool sight!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


032011 (1)

We’ve had a good Sunday.  Church, lunch (Mexican, of course), naps, and then while David was checking the cows, we all went to the park (joined by Bryan and Andrea and their kids).  While they all played, I walked Izzy.  The weather was perfect… around 80 and sunny.  That’s my kind of weather.

While I was walking Izzy, Ms. Charlsie called and told me that she’d been fighting with her blood pressure again all day.  This has been a rough week for her.  I went by there and stayed with her for a while before going back to church.  I checked on her again this evening and her B/P was high, but within safe limits.

I made an appointment for her to see the doctor this week.  I sure do hope we can get some answers and get her nerves settled.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

321–There Shall Be Showers…

Today was a fun day.  Aside from the fact that I spent the morning (still) getting tax stuff done.  I always have my taxes filed and my return sitting in savings by now.  This year has been hard to sit down for any length of time and get stuff done.  I got David’s mileage all entered today and all I lack is updating the cattle inventory.  Then I can send it off to my CPA/brother-in-law.

All that to say that the day was fun – aside from taxes.

This weekend there are two showers on the calendar.  One baby shower and one bridal shower.  Daisy and I got this little outfit for a sweet baby boy who’s expected around the first of May.

031911 (6)

They had an amazing cake at the shower.  AMAZING, isn’t it?

031911 (7)031911 (4)

Check out that little “pea in a pod” that was on top.  What a talented lady!

031911 (5)

I’m not usually a fan of the taste of cakes with fondant, but this one was delicious! Note to self… remember to call this lady when Tyler gets married … to a certain someone.

While I was at the shower, Tyler, Daisy and Maddie were at a wedding.  Then we all hung out at the house for the rest of the day and ordered pizza in for supper.

Look who’s tired from a whirlwind trip to Illinois…

031911 (1)

After dinner, I took Maddie outside to see if we could see the “super moon”, but it’s way too overcast here.  Bummer.  We’ll see if we can see the (almost) full moon tomorrow night.

Friday, March 18, 2011

320–Easter Dress and Another Scare


Sorry, this is the only picture I took today.  I found this sweet dress for my Mads at TJ Maxx tonight. I thought it would be a cute Easter dress.  (The picture doesn’t really do it justice.)

Today was a rough day.  David called me from Ms. Charlsie’s at lunch time and said that she’d had a little accident and her medicine was dropped on the floor and asked if I could come get it straight.  The first thing I thought was “how is Charlsie?”  Every time we have trouble with her medicine getting messed up it’s usually because she’s had another “episode”.  He seemed a little odd when he answered, but told me she was okay.  So, after I got off the treadmill I headed to her house.  When I got there the medicine was pretty messed up and she was visibly shaken.  Her blood pressure was like 212/110!!! David had her take a pill that the doctor says to take when her top number goes above 160 and we stayed there and monitored her to see if the medicine brought it down.  Finally, this evening she was back to herself and feeling better.  Her B/P was back within normal range. 

She was pretty frightened because she had a segment of time this morning that she can’t remember.  I talked to her at 8 AM and she was fine, but sometime after that it happened and she barely remembers talking to me on the phone.  She’s done this before and we believe it’s another TIA (mini stroke).  We left there at around 7:30 this evening and she was doing well, though.  I know she’s in God’s hands, but it is so worrisome to me.  I sure do love that woman.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

319–Jacquie’s Favorite Things

If I were Oprah, I would include these on my favorite things list…


… but actually, I love these even more…

Glide floss picks 2

(I may have a slight obsession with all things dental floss.)

Do you have anything you would recommend to Oprah for her “favorite things” show??

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

318–Nice Weather and a Prayer Request

This time change is SO hard on me.  By the time I get home from work, I am so ready for a big ‘ol nap.  That’s just not possible on Wednesday nights, though.  So, this post will be short and sweet, because I’m heading to bed.

The weather today turned out to be really pretty, so it was the first night that we could take our Cubbies out to play on the playground. 

031611 (5)

(A couple of sweet friends who loved playing on the playground together.)

Tyler and Daisy did the craft time with the kiddos tonight. I am so thankful for those two, they really do a good job interacting with the kids.

031611 (6)

Tomorrow after work, Daisy is going to be driving to Illinois to meet up with her family for her great-aunt’s funeral.  PLEASE be praying for safe travel for her and Maddie.  I’m not thrilled about her making this trip when she’s tired from a long day at work (she’s been on medication for her thyroid and it hasn’t helped much with her fatigue yet).  Her family has suffered a LOT of loss in recent years… and I’m praying that God will be very present to them as they face another loss.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

317–Another Goodbye

I am a little sad today.  This evening some movers came and took Kale’s baby grand piano.  He’s decided he’s been without it too long and sent for it. Soon, it will be in their study.

031511 (9)031511 (6)031511 (11)031511 (13)031511 (15)031511 (4)

Now… to fill that big empty space in my living room…

Monday, March 14, 2011

316–The Death of A Heater and a Ms. Charlsie-ism

I know this may not mean much to you, but seriously, it’s pretty life-altering to me.

031411 (1)

My heater bit the dust last Friday.  But, have no fear, I had a backup…

031411 (2)

And, just because I want to remember this… I took Ms. Charlsie for a tax appointment this afternoon and when we were almost back to her house, she looks down at her watch and says, “What time are we enjoying?” I told her it was 5:30 and she says, “Oh, I missed my program!” (Haha! Jeopardy.)

I love that she said “what time are we enjoying”.  I don’t guess I’ve ever heard anyone say that before.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

315–Baptism and Bye Bye

Our day started off great… this morning, Daisy (and two others) got baptized.  What a blessing! (We’re so proud of you, Daisy!)

031311 (5)

Kale had to leave this morning after church.  As usual, I had a mini-meltdown saying good-bye.  It’s just so hard to give him back.

After seeing him off, we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant with friends. While we were in the car, Maddie kept asking me what was wrong (she was so empathetic and concerned about me) and I told her I was just missing Kale.  She told me she missed him, too and said, “we will go see him tomorrow.”  So sweet!!

We enjoyed our lunch and after the kids got done eating, their mom’s gave them their iPhone’s to entertain them for a while… how cute are they?

031311 (8)

I told myself not to take a nap today after this time change, but around 3:30 I couldn’t take it any more and laid down until about 5:00.  Getting up in the morning is going to be SO hard!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


We’ve had a productive day.  Kale has an old piano that we had to load and haul and unload (well, he and Dave pretty much did that part).  They went on to the farm from there.  While they were “farming”, I cleaned out an old computer cabinet and made it my new “office”.  When the guys got home, we went to visit Ms. Charlsie.  She and Dave decided it was time to till the garden...

031211 (6)031211 (7)031211 (8)

… and plant some potatoes…

031211 (3)031211 (5)

…then it was time to sit a spell before heading home.

031211 (1)031211 (4)