Tuesday, March 1, 2011

303–Something to Smile About & Something To Cry About


This just makes me smile.

And tonight’s episode of American Idol made me smile, too.  Casey Abrams is amazing!! I also really liked Paul (Rod Stewart-ish one) and Scotty (the country boy).

Tyler and I just got done watching tonight’s Biggest Loser, and SERIOUSLY, I bawled through the whole thing.  That was just pathetic.  I don’t like the game play at all. But, I was so happy to see the life-changes Arthur has made since being sent home.  That’s a happy ending!


Jenn said...

There is hardly anything cuter than pigtails on a little girl!

Wish I had watched Biggest Loser :(

Kelley said...

Maddie's hair in pigtails is so sweet! I love it! I got to watch a little AI last night, but not much. I can tell you everything about Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure! Ha!

Kayla said...

goodness, shes too cute!!

i stopped watching BL last season. i was so over the game playing!

Kimberley said...

i love pigtails too! so cute! i sported them daily when i was little! and i had to make sure my mom put matching holders in my hair :)

i love AI! casey is so good! now he's an entertainer! more so than the others!

The Branches said...

Those pigtails are so adorable! My mom used to braid them then loop them around. I miss those days. I haven't been watching Biggest Loser, I usually wait until the reveal and then watch...I know that is not right! LOL!