Sunday, March 13, 2011

315–Baptism and Bye Bye

Our day started off great… this morning, Daisy (and two others) got baptized.  What a blessing! (We’re so proud of you, Daisy!)

031311 (5)

Kale had to leave this morning after church.  As usual, I had a mini-meltdown saying good-bye.  It’s just so hard to give him back.

After seeing him off, we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant with friends. While we were in the car, Maddie kept asking me what was wrong (she was so empathetic and concerned about me) and I told her I was just missing Kale.  She told me she missed him, too and said, “we will go see him tomorrow.”  So sweet!!

We enjoyed our lunch and after the kids got done eating, their mom’s gave them their iPhone’s to entertain them for a while… how cute are they?

031311 (8)

I told myself not to take a nap today after this time change, but around 3:30 I couldn’t take it any more and laid down until about 5:00.  Getting up in the morning is going to be SO hard!!


Kelley said...

I am so proud of Daisy! That is wonderful! I know it was hard sending Kale back. Maybe you can see them soon!

Susan Leonard said...

Wonderful picture of Daisy. Glad for her! Mini meltdown - gonna have to use that one..don't know if Roger will go "mini" in agreement or not.ha I so get you~ I'm sure Kayla was ready to get him back. :)

Jenn said...

So excited for Daisy and her new walk with the Lord!

I'm sorry about having to say goodbye :( Hopefully time will pass very quickly until the next time you see them!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Congratulations to Daisy! I so understand the meltdown. Wish I didn't. blessings, marlene