Wednesday, March 30, 2011

332–A (Wednes)Day in the Life

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Look who came to my office today!! And she had the Preacher running up and down the hallway in the office.  Too cute!

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Wednesdays are pretty busy.  One of the hardest things is supper.  Daisy doesn’t normally get off work until 5:00 and it’s usually 5:30 0r after by the time she picks up Maddie and gets here.  We eat supper FAST and run out the door to get to church by 6:15.  It’s always crazy.  So, tonight was great because Tyler went to the store and got stuff for supper and cooked for us!!

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Maddie didn’t really want what Tyler made, but she did want to eat this apple.

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Maddie LOVES to see her friends at church.  She would go every night, I think.

After church, we all sat around to watch American Idol (which was GREAT).  Tyler likes to have me pop corn in my Whirly Pop. 

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He and I like ours with parmesan cheese on top… which usually ends up on our shirts.  Izzy was after Tyler’s leftovers.


Jenn said...

Our Wednesdays' are pretty crazy too. I like to do crockpot suppers! Easy peasy!

You'll have to share Tyler's recipe for that noodle casserole - it looks yummy!

I have one of those whirly popcorn pots, but I've never used it! You'll have to do a tutorial on how to use one. :o)

The Garners said...

Wow--Can you send Tyler our way to do a few shopping and cooking lessons!? :) That's great!

We thought AI was so good last night! Casey seemed to take my advice (ha!): be talented and unique but not creepy-weird (and work on the beard!) ha ha! I like Paul and Pia more each week, but I like so many others as well! I'm interested to see what happens tonight. I would be sad to see many of them go (Haley would be my first pick to go if I had to choose someone.)

The Garners said...

P.S. Wasn't Scotty cute giving a shout-out to Grandma?!

Kelley said...

How fun that you saw Harper! MK loves Awana. Ours starts at 5:50. My brother's church does a meal for the kids and workers on Weds,otherwise it would be really hard for us to get out of school, go eat, and then go to Church. It is a wonderful service they provide.

Sharmin said...

We do an Awana meal at 5:15 with Awana classes at 5:45, which makes for a very hectic Wednesday! It would be nice to have someone to cook for me.

Maddie has definitely chosen a sweet, adorable little playmate...not that I'm biased or anything. :)