Wednesday, March 9, 2011

311–Novocain and New Glasses

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I had to go back to the dentist first thing this morning to (once again) work on that crown from last Spring.  UGH! I am never thrilled to have dental work done, but today I had a little crisis.  About 5 seconds after he gave me the Novocain, I felt a spiky feeling (like when your foot goes to sleep) at the base of my skull and it sort of  “crawled” around my face.  I got scared and my heart started racing and when I realized I wasn’t able to really cope, I admitted to him that “I wasn’t feeling just right.”  He assured me it was just anxiety (really? it can do that??), but I seriously thought he was numbing my brain!!! Anyway, I’m done at the dentist until August. Thank goodness!

When I was on the way back from the gym at lunch today, the eye doctor called to let me know that Ms. Charlsie’s glasses were ready for her.  So, I ran back to town with her late this afternoon to get them.  She asked me if they made her look good… I told her she looked 20 years younger and she said, “Oh, that’s too young!” Here she is sportin’ them…

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Jenn said...

Love your heart :( I hate that feeling of not being in control. There was a minute before my wisdom teeth surgery that I almost panicked! Glad everything worked out though and August is still a long time away. I'm suppose to have an implant and eventually a crown, but I keep putting it off.

Ms. Charlsie is a beautiful woman and her glasses make her look even more so! What about her thinking 20 years younger was too much...haha! She is funny :D

Kelley said...

I am glad that things went well at the dentist. Glad you don't have to go back until August. Loving Ms. Charlsie's new glasses. I love her comment. Absolutely precious!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I've had that out of control feeling and I hate it - scary! And I love the glasses. They actually DO make her look younger. :) blessings, marlene

Kimberley said...

i HATE the dentist!! i think i've had that same feeling you described, but i was getting a spinal and having a baby. HA! :)

ms. charlsie is presh!!

Anonymous said...

UGH! Having spent many an hour and many a $$ in the dentist office, I can identify! Hope you won't have to go back 'til August. I have to say, though, that we're blessed to have a wonderful dentist.

The picture of Ms. Charlsie is great -- I hope she can see well with her new specs! =)