Friday, March 11, 2011

313–Hanging Out

We spent the whole day at home, just hanging out.  This afternoon David went to the farm and Kale and I took Izzy to the park for a walk.  While we were there, Tyler showed up with Maddie… he picked her up from preschool after he got off work (so sweet).

Tonight we took Maddie to eat pizza while Daisy and Tyler went to a concert (Brandon Heath, Dave Barnes, and Kristian Stanfill).  Mads sure likes having Kale around.

031111 (8)It seems everyone does…

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Kayla said...

if only i could be in izzy or M's spot! haha

big plans tomorrow??

Kelley said...

I bet your are having a blast!

Jenn said...

Looks like you're enjoying every minute!

Susan Leonard said...

Isn't it AWESOMe when the "boy" come back home!? It's a different atmosphere when Michael comes in..I can't take enough pictures.