Wednesday, March 23, 2011

325–Cold Weather, Hokey Pokey & Idol

My photos for today are horrible. So, I apologize in advance.

I took a picture of this bush in our neighborhood today, because Spring has sprung and from the looks of the weather, we’ve got a winter blast coming through next week.  Dreading that.

032311 (2)

Maddie was entertaining us tonight with the Hokey Pokey among other songs.  Silly girl.

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(Dave just got in from working out and at the farm… you can see him in his work boots and gym attire behind Maddie.  Haha!)

Did y’all watch American Idol tonight? I could have easily voted for SEVEN of the ELEVEN in the competition.  I’ve never felt that way at this stage of the game before.  There are some talented people this year.  Steven Tyler is still cracking me up.


The Garners said...

It WAS a good night on AI! I don't think anyone had a bad night! I think Paul is my favorite guy, Pia my favorite girl. Casey is so good, but just almost creepy to me--ha! (I think it's the beard??) Jacob and James had great nights...lots and lots of talent! Micaela and I laugh so much about S.Tyler's comments. They're so random and useless, for the most part! :) He's funny though.

Jenn said...

Wish I could get into Idol this year. The older I get the less t.v. I have been watching. Not sure if that is good....haha!

Kelley said...

Maddie is so cute doing the hokey pokey! I love the spring weather. I don't want to cold stuff back.

Kimberley said...

I thought last week was terrible on AI, but this week they came back. A lot of good ones last night. My favorite is Pia, I think she should win. Oh, and yes, I love me some Steven Tyler, but next time you watch, count how many times he tells someone "that was beautiful". I was hoping he'd had a bit more commentary than that. Still like him though.