Wednesday, October 6, 2010

157 – Running

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The weather has been so nice here.  I’ve been trying to take advantage of it and get my cardio in outside these days.  When I do cardio at the gym, I do “run/walk intervals”.  When I do cardio outside, I walk (and occasionally throw in a little jogging).  I have a hip flexor and a foot injury that flare up when I run outside on hard surfaces.  I’m no Spring Chicken any more, so when I switch to the outdoors, I consider the impact on my joints and bones – it trumps my running aspirations.  I’d much rather walk than be laid up with an injury.
Today was a busy day…my work day started with a funeral for one of our church members, then I worked out at lunch, got stuck at Walmart for an hour trying to get David’s prescriptions that I ordered refills on three days ago, went to see Jodi (she had her gallbladder removed today), ran home to get changed, then on to church to teach the Cubbies, and before going home we stopped at Ms. Charlsie’s so I could get her medicine sorted. Whew!
I got so tickled at Jodi today when she said that she told Gary that he better think before deciding to trade her in on a newer model because the next one may have all her parts and he’ll have to pay for all this stuff over again. Haha! She is so funny!


Kayla said...

hahaha Jodi cracks me up! you were such a busy girl today...gotta get everything out of the way so you have time with Kalo this weekend! :) bosley and i cant wait to get back to our routine! now that the weather is cooler, maybe he will run with me!?! haha

Daisy said...

ehhh i don't do any sort of cardio. i'm not much a runner or a walker so people that actually do cardio are pretty amazing cause can not haha. i'd rather just lifts some weights and call it a day or some kind of aerobics.. hehe

and my gosh you were busy busy busy today! and jodi cracks me up!! =) i hope she's doing alright. i wish her a speedy recovery.

Dorothy said...

You don't need much cardio because you are such a busy,on the go, girl!! Wish you would bottle some of that energy and share it with me!

Kelley said...

Your friend Jodi is funny! I think that is hysterical. Hope she gets to feeling better soon.

Jessica Lane said...

Kudos to you for running distance! Don't you love this weather?