Tuesday, October 5, 2010

156 – Afternoon Helper

Since I had to be at the gym this evening, I had David bring Izzy to me at the office so I could walk her during my lunch hour.  When she’s in my office, she likes to get right under my feet under my desk.  She loves her momma.

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Kale is flying back to Arkansas tomorrow.  After he’s done on Thursday with work… he’s heading “home” for a few days.  I have a hankering for a bonfire and smores while he’s home!! (Wishing you could come, Kayla-girl!!!)


The Garners said...

Izzy is such a pretty dog!

Have fun with Kale this weekend--I know you'll enjoy having him there!

His Doorkeeper said...

I know you can't wait to have Kale for a visit...but will miss Kayla!!!

Kayla, you come sometime when Kale can't come just to keep it even!!!

Dorothy said...

Nice doggie! When Kale comes and you get that bonfire going, may I come over for s'mores?

Kayla said...

aw, we did a bonfire and smores the very first time i came "home"

i sooo wish i could come! :( 3 arkansas trips and no kayla...noooooooooooo bueno

hes printing his boarding passes and about to start packing, im sure. fighting back the tears already. i truly am so so so so so glad he gets to go there and be with yall, though

Kelley said...

Love hearing about Izzy. I know you are so excited about Kale visiting. You all will have a great time.

Susie said...

Love her pics! She has the sweetest face.

Daisy said...

i love how izzy just stays at your feet! love that sweet girl =) and he'll be here tomorrow. yay! gosh i wish kayla will be here too.. need to do lots of facetime!