Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another Change is Coming…

It looks as though I will have a truly “Empty Nest” soon.  Tyler and his friend, Ryan, found a house in “town” and they plan to move this weekend. I have to admit, I’m a little nervous, but it will be a good experience for him and for this momma who doesn’t really like cutting the apron strings.

t and meOh, I forgot to tell y’all that Ms. Charlsie’s dog, “Sweetie”, has been sick.  She took her to the vet a couple of weeks ago because she was throwing up and acting sick.  It turns out she is experiencing kidney failure so she is having to modify her diet.  The vet told her that she’s seen some dogs last for years after being diagnosed and some don’t last very long.  We’re hoping for her to be around for a long while… she is Charlsie’s baby and daily companion.

Jacquie and Charlsie March 2010 (3)Since she’s been out of the “hospital”, Sweetie hasn’t wanted to eat the food the vet prescribed.  It’s a Purina food specifically for “kidney function”.  We called the vet back and she told us we could get her any quality senior formula food.  I didn’t realize it was so hard to find senior formula food(maybe that’s just here in our neck of the woods).  Anyway, I found some Science Diet at Petco last weekend and Sweetie LOVES it!! That just makes Charlsie’s day!!  And we love that!


Anonymous said...

Yeah! We'll have somewhere to visit on our Friday night dates with our husbands! And glad Sweetie loved the food.

Jo Jo

Kayla said...

I'm excited for Tyler!! Poor, Sweetie! Glad she liked her food though!!! Sounds like yall are going to need to add a new family member soon!! Maybe a pup???

Dorothy said...

Hope Sweetie feels better soon. I know Tyler is more excited about the move than you are! Empty nest syndrome is real but you will get over it. To us, it's liberating NOT having a pet to worry about when we want to go somewhere! To each, his own, though.

Susie said...

I think it's so sweet the relationship you have with Ms. Charlsie. You must be like a daughter to her. Everyone should be so lucky.

petrii said...

WOW so many changes for you friend. I'm so excited for Tyler, but so sad for you.

And that Charlise is such a sweeite. I'm glad you found some senior food (never even heard of that =) that her doggie will eat. Maybe Sweetie will get to feeling better soon now with special food on board.

Love you friend,

Heather said...

Hi Jacquie! I have been missing you!!! I am sad about your "empty nest" but as always, you inspire me as a Mom and we are SOOOO alike. A friend of mine was recently touting the "freedom" and "proud moments" of her cutting her son's apron strings (he and Connor are the same age) and it just made my heart sad. Of course, I want Connor-boo to be independant, but it is hard on this momma!! :)

OH- and I couldn't wait to tell you.....I weighed last Sunday and I AM AT MY GOAL WEIGHT!!!! WOOOOO HOOO!! When I stop nursing I will see what happens with my metabolism, etc. and then I may try to lose 4-5 more pounds if I can....but for now I am THERE and it feels GREAT!!! Thanks so much for all your advice and encouragement! Love ya!