Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Texas Trip #5–Part Two

The day after I got to the K’s (Thursday), they both had to go in to work.  So I had a quiet day to myself … just me and Bosley.

051911 (5)

I did a lot of playing with my new “toy”, a little reading, caught up on “American Idol” and sat out on their back patio enjoying the warm weather and reading.

051911 (1)

We waited on Kale’s tomatoes to get ripe while I was there, but they waited until I left… and then the squirrels got to them.  Kale is on serious squirrel patrol these days.

I felt so bad for Kayla.  It turned out she had to work every day, but one (Sunday), when I was there (because someone went on vacation)… she even had to work longer hours than normal (11 hour days).

Friday morning, after Kayla left for work, Kale and I headed out to the mall to the Apple store.  I bought a smart cover for my iPad.  It took me forever to decide on a color…

052011 (2) 

… but I finally went with…

052011 (3)

We met Kayla for lunch and spent most of the rest of the day hanging out… that’s pretty much what this trip was about.  I was really looking forward to being there and just relaxing and visiting with the kids and I got lots of that!  There’s not much, if anything, I’d rather be doing.


Jenn said...

Trips where you don't have a huge itinerary are always great! Especially if you can be comfortable and just rest.

I love your choice in covers!

The Branches said...

So glad you had a good trip! I just got back from AR and it's always nice to have a visit to look forward to! I love the hot pink cover-good choice my dear! Love, Becky :)

Susan Leonard said...

After living with all boys...Sometimes ya gotta be a "girl" and go with the pink...LOVE IT! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday and a great time in Texas. So glad you did, Jacquie. You don't need to be away from posting two weeks at a time!

Kelley said...

Love the pink choice! So glad you had fun! Their house looks beautiful!

petrii said...

Just doing a little catch up while Sir Cuteness is asleep =) and WOW what a TERRIFIC birthday gift!!!

How are you liking it? My hubby is really wanting a pad of some kind.

The K's have a beautiful place.

Love you friend ~~ Dawn

JDS said...

Sounds gotta do that sometimes.