Sunday, December 7, 2008


Hands young and old 

Do y’all ever feel like sometimes you take people for granted until it’s just about too late?  Every time I post something about Ms. Charlsie, y’all leave the nicest comments about how “good” I am to her.  I thank you for that, but it also really convicts me.  That, and the fact that on her birthday she mentioned to me that she used to be bothered because I didn’t come around often and she used to “fuss to herself about that”.  Ouch!

I’ve been neighbors with her for almost 18 years.  It took a few years, maybe even 4 or 5, before Hardy came knocking at our door to introduce himself.  After that, it was mostly David that went visitin’ the neighbors.  I went with him occasionally “when I had time”, usually Sunday nights or Wednesday nights after church.  I did fall in love with them in the times I spent with them, but it was David who was completely faithful to be of service to them and to care for their needs on a daily basis.  He has been and still is a  hero – to me – and to her.

Charlsie and Dave 092508 (3)

When Hardy came knocking, my children were probably 7 and 5 years old at the time and I was “busy”.  I was “busy” taking them to school and things.  I then became “busy” taking them to ballgames and practices.  That carried on through high school.  I drove by her house waving more times than I can count.

It wasn’t until Hardy died that I started to try to be there more for her.  Even though, I tried to “make time for her”… you know, sacrifice a little time to go see the sweet neighbor lady… I ALWAYS received the blessing just being with her.

When I post on her, I mean every word I say.  I am SO blessed just knowing her and having the opportunity to get to know her on a deep, personal level.  She is really something and I love spending time with her.  I love her stories and the memories she shares of times past.  I love how she talks with such respect about her relatives, some alive and some now gone.  I love how she and Hardy made it a personal mission to get to know their neighbors and to take time for them… even when THEY were very busy.  I love when she talks with me openly and  honestly about how lonely she is for her sweet husband and the children she never had.  She is one in a million – and y’all, I have not always been so available to her.  But, I am trying now, because I won’t have her for much longer.


Susie said...

Oh this is a sweet post Jacquie. Older folks are such treasures! They have the most amazing and wonderful stories. Unfortunately life does get in the way sometimes but sounds like you are spending valuable time with her now. I'm sure she is very appreciative of it.

Becky said...

You ARE so blessed to have Charlsie in your life. I can tell you are really feeling conviction over this, but hey girlie, you had to be a mom first and I think Charlsie knows this. I mean goodness, when the little ones were home there wasn't alot of time for anything outside of running babies here and there until they get old enough to drive at least! So don't beat yourself up too much! I'm pretty sure you are the apple of her eye nowadays!

His Doorkeeper said...

Sometimes it takes us a lifetime to find out the really important things in life. Some never find out!

Be thankful you are sensitive to Ms. Charlsie's needs at this very important time in her life. She probably needs you now more than she did when your kids were little.

God's timing is always perfect! You and David are both a blessing!

Dorothy said...

This is such a sweet post! You know, your time, and just to be touched by another human being is very meaningful! Older people, and especially those who live alone and have no children, long for the touch of someone who cares! Blessings upon you, my dear!

petrii said...

What a sweet and honest post. You my dear are truly one in a million yourself. Charlise is truly blessed to have you as a neighbor and I'm sure that even in those moments you couldn't be there, she understood.

Thank you for this post.

Have a Blessed day, Dawn

Leigh Ann said...

This made me cry!!! You are such a sweetheart, Jacquie! How blessed you both have been to have each other.
I know Charlsie loves you so much and it is so evident how much you care for her. She is blessed to have you as a neighbor and friend. Isn't it amazing how we receive blessings from visiting our older relatives and friends? You have inspired me to go visit my grandmother!

amy (metz) walker said...

What a sweet post. Charlsie is like my Bartee and it just makes me want to soak up every second!!!