Monday, December 22, 2008

Mary, Did You Know?

This is the video we showed at church last night.  If you’ve seen “The Passion of the Christ” you’ll understand its graphic nature.  It takes a look at Christmas from the birth of the baby Jesus to the death and resurrection of the Son of Man.

I LOVED how they used the parts of the movie that most moved me as a mother when I watched the film - the parts that made me really think about the relationship Mary and Jesus had as a mother and son. 

I often think about the ordinary, daily things that Mary did with Jesus.  She was his momma.  She made meals.  She gave and received hugs and kisses from her little boy.  She made '”boo boos all better”.  She assigned chores and responsibilities. She watched Him grow to be a young man, then an adult man.  And then, she watched her beloved Son suffer and die.  All the while, knowing that He was Immanuel.  God with us.

Words just can’t express how this video affects my heart.  I wanted to share it with you as Christmas draws near.


petrii said...

This was powerful!! Mary Did You Know is one of my favorite songs. I am a pianist and I composed an instrumental to this song, it means so much to me.

I have thought so much about Mary and her relationship with Jesus, and the pain . . . the incredible pain she would have felt because of His incredible pain . . .

This was powerful friend, you did a great job putting this together. Is that your church choir singing in the background

Merry CHRISTmas indeed,

Susie said...

Well that just tore me right up Jacquie! Such a moving and powerful video. Mary was indeed a very lucky woman to gotten to have raised our Lord and Savior. What an honor!!!

Becky said...

Well girlie, girl.....that tore my insides out. Like Dawn...Mary Did You Know is also one of my very favorite songs. I feel being Mary would have been sooo heartbreaking!

In His Army said...

This song has always meant a lot to me. I remmeber the first time I heard it years ago, and it meant a lot to me then, but now that I have a son to cuddle and kiss it is so much more meaningful and powerful to me when I hear it.