Thursday, June 25, 2009

It Doesn’t Seem So Long Ago

This has been an historic week in the celebrity world.  Tuesday, Ed McMahon, died.  I grew up watching Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show… so Ed was a household name in my day.

Ed and Johnny

Today, when I went to get my lunch, I heard on the radio that Farrah Fawcett had died after a long battle with cancer.  I wasn’t a huge “fan” of Farrah.  I recently watched the documentary she did on her illness.  It was very sad, and she seemed more “normal” in that than I’d ever given her credit.  I did think she was pretty good in “The Burning Bed”. She was, however, in my opinion, absolutely stunningly beautiful.  Her smile was amazing… AND THE HAIR? well, it was famous all on its own.  There wasn’t a girl my age that didn’t want to look like Farrah Fawcett.  And truth be told, most girls with “normal” hair got “Farrah” cuts (Don’t worry, I never attempted that with this head of hair.)

Farrah Fawcett

When I got to the gym tonight, I heard that there were reports that Michael Jackson had also passed away today from an apparent heart attack.  I will say that I found MJ post-1980 to be quite scary! There’s just no explanation for some of the stuff that man did, but as a boy in the Jackson 5, I loved him!  I guess you could say I was a fan during his PRE-cosmetic surgery years.

Back when I was in the 10th grade I got his “Off the Wall” album (seriously, it was an album).  I remember laying on the floor of my bedroom listening over and over to “She’s Out of My Life.”  LOVED that song!!

If you’re from my era, this week may have you remembering things from a time that seem not so long ago… but our kids know little or nothing about.

Which means, they probably don’t get the warm fuzzies when they hear this….


Dorothy said...

It doesn't seem so long ago, does it! Three celebrities dying so close together seems to make them all seem more tragic!

Kelley said...

I watched Johnny Carson, too. It is sad that Ed is gone. I didn't watch much of Charlie's Angels, but I knew about Farrah and thought she was beautiful and had great hair. Now with Michael, I am with you. I liked him before the cosmetic surgeries too. He was quite an entertainer. I loved the Off the Wall album too. Fifty is young.

Anonymous said...

I forgot all about that song....I remember now how you loved it! And Farrah, I tried hard to have hair like hers! Good times!
Jo Jo

Susie said...

Seems like there has been lots of sadness lately. MJ had so much talent. Really sad to hear of his dying.

Lauren Kelly said...

Such a sad day yesterday!! Wrote my thoughts about it on my blog!! Good post Jacquie! :)

Becky said...

This week has been CRAZY and so sad....I mean Farrah and MJ were young! It's just so sad :(

petrii said...

It sure doesn't seem so long ago that my sis was going crazy over "Thriller". She loved it. When I see it, I remember her.

I also watched the Faraj documentary. It was so sad, but such a real view of the way cancer is. She was a fighter.

And I used to laugh so hard at Ed and Johnny. I loved it when I got to stay up late enough to see it, which wasn't very often.

In His Army said...

Good to see you this week. The kids had a blast! Lisa Daffron ran over to tell me today that she almost called me about MJ...yes, when she was my fifth grade teacher, he was a hot topic in our class...haha! In fact, she reminded me that I had written in her yearbook or somewhere about naming my first kid MJ for her. Uh, no. What was I thinking??? I hope no one else reminds me of what an idiot I was :) Wow. And I remember watching Johnny Carson with Dad sometimes when I was younger :)

Leigh Ann said...

What a sad week! I thought MJ was the cutest little kid. It wasn't my era, but I still love that music. He was so talented.