Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mass Transit

Kale is an engineer.  He’s kinda been one since he was in Elementary School.  While we were in DC visiting all those museums, we saw some pretty neat inventions.  It got us talking about some of the “inventions” Kale had as a boy.  When he was in about 5th grade, he decided his bedroom was too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. (There was only one air register in his bedroom)  So, he built a box (I think it was a Kleenex box) over his vent with a whole cut in it to pipe some connected paper towel rolls out of and piped the air right up to his bed next to his pillow.

It was around that time that he also invented a contraption from his light switch to his ceiling with a couple of pull cords to be able to turn the light off at night or back on again in the dark without having to get out of bed.

It was always stuff like that.

So, it doesn’t surprise us at all that he is so intrigued by modern technology.  He has every gadget known to man and he reads manuals just for the fun of it!

When we were in DC, he was most intrigued, I think, with the mass transit system they have.  When it comes to moving people, they’ve got it down… and he was impressed!  I have to admit, even though my mind doesn’t usually think on such things, I thought it was pretty impressive too… and Kayla thought the metro was just like a ride at Silver Dollar City!

Here are a couple of pictures that Kale took while we were there.  (He took TONS of photos, or should I say gigabytes, but they’re on his computer. I borrowed these.)

IMG_0814 (1024x683) IMG_0271 (1024x683) IMG_0272 (683x1024)  IMG_0526 (1024x683)


Kayla said...

I love it :)

Susie said...

Love the last picture. He has a great eye and obviously smart too! Have a great weekend!

Dorothy said...

Kale sounds kinda like my son. Inquiring minds want to know!!! Great shots! You made a lot of memories on that trip!

Kelley said...

Wow! It was really interesting riding the Metro. It is amazing everything that went into building it. Kale sounds like a neat guy. I am so glad you got to go on this trip and take your sons. What a special memory.

In His Army said...

Neat pictures. I'm laughing that yousaid he reads manuals for the fun of it...between Mario & I we have never managed to read the first page of any manual...which explains why everything we've ever put together has fallen apart! Ha! :)

Kelley said...

@In His Army:
I am so glad someone else has problems with that. When I put stuff together, I always seem to have "spare parts." There are always nails or screws left that I didn't add in. LOL!

Lauren Kelly said...

I love the pics! I've missed chatting with you. Hope you're doing well :)

His Doorkeeper said...

I loved riding the Metro because of all the interesting people you see. I like to think of who they are, where they work and where they are going!

Glad you got a taste of it! Wish there was a Metro from here to MH sometimes!! har

petrii said...

That is so fun that he is an inventor. To have a brain like that, always thinking, always intrigued. I just don't think about how something was made most of the time, generally I'm just glad it was made, say like my computer for instance. I don't have a clue how the old girl works, I'm just so glad she does =)

Okay so that was kind of a random response ~~ =)

Have a Blessed Sunday,

amy (metz) walker said...

Can't believe he thought of that kleenex box thing!