Saturday, December 12, 2009

Some things that make my heart happy

One of the things us Goulet girls like to do is take our Mom on a day-shopping trip.  She’s usually game to go… and we like to find a fun place to eat for lunch.

So yesterday four of the six of us girls took Mom to Branson. It’s pretty unusual for so many of us to be able to go on the same day.  I can’t believe I didn’t get any photos… well, except for this one that I sent to Jodi because it reminded me of something someone we know would’ve bought…and I was having her “guess who would like this?”


My sister, Suzanne (#3), had me meet her at 7:30 in the morning … which, by the way, is not unlike 4 AM to me when it comes to “be ready and meet me by time”.  We stopped along the way and picked up Valerie (#4) and then my Mom (she’s #1 to us!).  We drove to Harrison and left Suzanne’s vehicle at the dealership for a service appointment and my younger sister, Sharon (#9), drove us the rest of the way to Branson.  It was tag-team driving.

We got to the Landing about 30 minutes before the stores opened and it was 20-something degrees!! So, we found a little coffee shop opened and headed in there to get warm and visit for a while.

After the shops opened we took Mom on a little shopping trip in Coldwater Creek to pick out a few things for her Christmas gift.  We had her in a dressing room for like an hour and a half or two hours.  It was fun… and I told Suz that I wish we could do that for her every week.

We ate at Cantina Laredo and it was SO good! I had the Enchiladas Veracruz (chicken and spinach enchilada)… and their vegetables were incredible!

Afterwards, we went on to Kohl’s and then finally to TJ Maxx… where my heart rate increased greatly just pulling into the parking lot.  I got the cutest little shirt-dress for $19.99, oh yes I did.  No purses though… TJM greatly disappointed in the purse section.

I suppose it IS the season for giving to others, not self, though. Ha!

We got home around 6:00 and then Dave and I met up with Jodi and Gary for “modified” pizza.  To top off the rest of our romantic double-date, we headed to Lowe’s.


* * * *

I got a “thank you” card from Kale a few days ago.  There’s just not much sweeter than that!!


* * * *

Today, Kale is taking his two final tests and then he is FINISHED with college.  We are SO proud of him and for his hard work and discipline these last four years (not to mention the 13 years of effort before that).  He has accomplished so much and done so well for himself… and in a couple of weeks, he will begin his life as a career man as he begins his full-time job in Houston with the company he’s been with for the last two years.

Kale at science fair 6th grade

We are SO proud of you, Kale!! You’ve come a long way, baby!!

Well, I’m off to jump in the shower (I know it’s 1:30 in the afternoon and I haven’t showered yet)… Dave just texted me and asked if I wanted to go do something.  It’s a new day in the Wallace house… more on that in my next post.


petrii said...

Oh this looks like so much fun, so glad you got to get out and spoil your momma.

Looking forward to hearing about the fun with your hubby.

Have a Blessed weekend,

Dorothy said...

Now how fun is that!!! That's the kindof thing I like to do! Even the Lowe's trip! Happy Sunday!

His Doorkeeper said...

That is the exact same dish I get EVERY time we eat at the Landing! Is that not the BEST tasting thing ever??
Love the veggies too!
Glad you had a good day with your sisters and Mom!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love the vest, I love Coldwater Creek, I love Mexican food....doggone, I should have been with you! blessings, marlene

Leigh Ann said...

I love, love, love Branson Landing! I also LOVE that dish at CL. I got teary at the thank you note. You just have the sweetest family!

Kelley said...

I love Branson! We usually got to Tanger Mall and to the Landing. I find great deals on kids clothes. I would love to go around this time of year to see how things are decorated. I think it is awesome you girls take your Mom on a shopping spree. I think it is neat that Kale sent you a thank you card. Your dates sound like the dates I have with Thara. We are just glad to be together. It doesn't matter that a date is dinner and Wal-Mart, Ha!

Susie said...

Your shopping trip with sisters and mom sounds great. I bet ya'll had a great time.

Congrats to Kale!

Rose Mary said...

Sounds like a fantastic day out with your mom and sisters!

Congrats to Kale!!!