Sunday, December 27, 2009

Saying “Good-bye”

Kale and Kayla are on the road (even as I type) for their new life in the Houston area. This momma has been dreading this day for a long time… and praying for it at the same time.  We’ve long dreamed for him and Tyler to grow up to be hard-working young men who love the Lord and do well in life.  We thank God every day for His goodness.

But, today we had to say “good-bye” and it was tough!

CIMG0718 CIMG0720 Not smiling much in this photo because I was fixin’ to lose it… and then I did, so I’m not in the photos afterwards. Ha!CIMG0722 CIMG0724 CIMG0725 CIMG0726 CIMG0727  CIMG0729  CIMG0733CIMG0730

I sure am going to miss seeing those kids as often as we’ve been able to during his college years.  Looks like I’ll have to put the new Christmas gift that David got me to good use!!


Destination: Conroe, Texas


petrii said...

These are the sweetest pics. I know that your heart must be so sad, but you've raised good boys and this ones off to live his dream with his new bride!!! You've done a good job mama....I know its still hard.

Love you friend,

Kelley said...

I am crying as I read your post. When my brother Blake moved to Texas, my Mom cried. Every time he would come back to visit and then leave she would cry. She was so proud of him and what he was doing. Yet she missed not getting to see him as often as she once did. They called each other all of the time to swap recipes. (Blake loved to cook!) Kale and Kayla look like such a happy couple. They will do great because you have given them the tools for a successful life. God is first. When He is first, everything else falls into place. I am thinking about you today. I know it will be hard. You'll just have to take some road trips. That's what we did.

Heather said...

Jacquie- You are such a WONDERFUL mother!!! I am so glad we have "met" through blogging because I always value your advice and look up to you as the kind of mother I want to be! I am saying a prayer for you tonight...that God Himself would comfort your heart and allow you to just think on all the blessings you have been to your sons...and that they have been to you.

Heather said...

P.S. I am 35 and I still cry every. single. time. I drive out of my parents' driveway. It usually only lasts a few minutes these days, but it just always brings me back to that first time. SO HARD. Plus we live far from my parents and I just miss them so much.

Dorothy said...

Wonderful pictures, Jacquie! You have many happy memories to hold in your heart. Peace & happiness in the new year!

His Doorkeeper said...

Jacquie, you have done your job! Kale turned out great and Kayla is a great asset to him. She is precious! How many mothers would trade places with you in a minute?? It's hard to let go but you really wouldn't want it any other way! They have a great life ahead of them and you will always be a part of it, I promise! They will come home again!!

The pictures are so sweet and parting IS such sweet sorrow! Our best to Kale and Kayla and we will always be praying for them!

Now, let's see what Tyler is up to!!!!! Hi Tyler!

Susie said...

Saying goodbye isn't ever easy. Those are sweet pics Jacquie.

The Garners said...

Oh goodness, Jacquie--this post was too sad for me! I know they will do great and we all wish them the very best...but I'm sure the years have gone by waaay too fast for you. I got a lump in my throat when I saw the pictures of K hugging y'all. Every night I say, "Rhett, will you always be my baby boy even when you're as big as Daddy?". I can't imagine how hard it must be to have to let go. Praying for you all in the transition time!

Dale said...

Thanks for sharing these family photos. If I may, let me say that I understand what it's like to experience becoming an "empty nester." The first to leave is always the hardest. You said it best, it is a day you dread and pray for in the same instant.

You and Dave are indeed blessed. Kale & Kayla are wonderful kids and they WILL do well in their new Life Adventure. They are grounded in their Faith, as well as their belief in each other.

I will do my best to smooth their transition to Houston, as the interim "H-Town" dad. I know that ultimately they will do just fine on their own.

There was a deep feeling of friendship that Kale & I developed from the first day we met - which only continues to grow stronger. It is a tribute to how you folks raised him, the fact that he is an extremely sharp engineer, and also that he's a great young man. He will do very well in his budding career.

Hope to see ya'll in Houston sometime soon. It really isn't that far away.

Becky said...

I know just how your feel. I was feeling the same thing about this time yesterday as I knew the time was drawing near for Casey to say those dreaded word, "well, I guess it's time for us to get on the road"! That same sentence "stings" the heart sooooo much. Casey and Josh had a bet this visit.....she told him she was NOT going to cry when leaving and funny, I had said the same thing! Well.....that didn't work!!! It feels just like someone took a knife and cut my heart out of my body and I know you felt the same exact way!

On a lighter note......oh the fun those two are going to have and Dave did a GREAT job with your present, it will take you right to their front door!!!

I LUV ya girlie!!!!

Lauren Kelly said...

Jacquie, this was just beautiful!!!!

Morris Family said...

You have done a great job raising your boys!! They will be ready for you to visit them when you get there which will probably be SOON!!