Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Bridal Shower

You know it’s getting close when the bridal showers begin.  Our church family had Kayla’s first shower today and it was so nice!

CIMG0650 The table was beautiful.CIMG0652Kayla and her cute, cute Maid of Honor, Jessica CIMG0653CIMG0654CIMG0657My mom, Kayla and meCIMG0658

L-R My sister, Valerie #4, Mom, Kayla, me, and my sister, Suzanne #3

CIMG0662 David’s sister, Carla and our great-niece, Rylee (what a cutie!)CIMG0664 CIMG0665My BFF, Jodi.  It hit us today how our children should still be in grade school…not getting married!! (She’ll be where I am in short order.)

CIMG0666Rylee got sleepy. CIMG0667CIMG0668 Thank you to our wonderful church family for being so good to us.  We are blessed!


The Garners said...

Bridal showers are so much fun! Y'all look very pretty!

Becky said...

Fun times!! Gosh the wedding is getting her soooo quickly! Have you found anything to wear yet?

Kelley said...

That looked absolutely beautiful! I love fall colors. Bridal showers are so fun! I am so excited for you!!!

Heather said...

So fun!!! What a pretty bride-to-be!! AND a pretty mother-in-law to be!!!!

petrii said...

How much fun!! Bridal showers are so fun ~~ you look great.

Have a Blessed week,

Candy said...

Just wondering what kind of punch is in the dispenser. I gave a bridal shower last weekend and use the fall theme.

Kelly said...

Looks like a really nice shower!! It reminds me of mine since mine was in the fall too! Kayla looks so cute!
I can't believe Kale is about to get married!!!
Hope you are holding up under all the wedding plans and stress!

Susie said...

Looks like a real nice shower. Everything and everyone looked so nice.

Lauren Kelly said...

Sooo fun, looked beautiful!!!!!! :)

Kayla said...

The shower was just amazing!

...mostly the cake! :) haha

Thank you SOO much for all that you do for us! We love yall!

Betsy said...

Awww...that looks like such a fun day. You and I are spinning like tops about now, huh??? Kayla looks so beautiful!

Becky said...

Her wedding shower looks like it was a hit! I am so excited for them as they start this journey together and I know you are too :)