Friday, October 9, 2009

Missing My Laptop

Kale has my laptop at his house.  She has had the required “surgery” and seems to have recovered nicely as per the reports I’ve received.  She’s still recuperating and is being monitored very closely and will be coming home to momma next weekend when my other “precious” makes the trip back for the weekend.

We are only seven weeks away from Thanksgiving AND the wedding.  Time is going by so fast and 2009 is almost one for the record books. I STILL haven’t found a thing to wear to the wedding.  I’m starting to get a little nervous.  I’m a big online shopper and have checked every store I can think of and have found nothing, notta, zip! I could really use some help in this department. I am leaning toward chocolate brown…so if y’all happen across something you think would work, let me know.

On another note, y’all know how much I LOVE “The Biggest Loser”.  As much as I love it, there are some things I truly have problems with:

  • First of all, the past couple of seasons, we’ve seen the trainers behave in ways I believe (as a trainer) are not necessary to motivate people. This is and should be a family program, so NBC, please note that we don’t need the f-word bleeped out a million times a show to realize your trainers are intense.
  • I also don’t care for the game play.  I think the show would do just as well, if not better, if it revolved totally around the health and fitness aspect and the emotional journey the contestants find themselves on.  Having experienced some form of it myself, I can tell you, that losing weight and getting fit is VERY empowering and it brings out some things in you that you don’t realize you have within you…whether that be purging negative self-talk or discovering strength and endurance you never knew you had.
  • It’s awesome to see such amazing weight loss results at each weigh-in, but the show needs to remind the audience that these contestants are being watched with every morsel that touches their lips and are spending hours, 6-8-10 hours, in the gym each and every day.  Doing so can result in extreme weight loss, especially when they have so much to lose.
  • The other thing that I have problems with is…the first rattle out of the box these contestants are expected to walk, jog, run a mile.  They are extremely overweight, out of shape, and obese…and from the shows own words… “very sick” .  From our perspective, it appears that these contestants take off in a run to try to reach that dangling carrot (immunity) first.  What we are not seeing, I’m sure, is that there are doctors, trainers, etc on the sidelines observing for safety (and legal) reasons.  But, the message is that the typical obese person can and should get up off their easy chairs and run a mile.  NOT! I would never do that to one of my clients.
  • I do love the show, and I love how the contestants develop relationships and have a desire to get healthy for their loved ones and themselves.  I bawled over Abbey’s story of losing her husband and two young children tragically in 2006, or hearing how Shay has never felt loved.  I cheer each week for Rebecca and Amanda to do well.  I absolutely LOVE watching the changes occur both in the contestant’s bodies as well as their hearts and minds.

Well, now that I got that off my chest. As for me…I am happy to report that after 3 years of struggling on the scale, I have reached my goal weight and have lost almost 20 pounds since June.  And I did it without a trainer screaming obscenities in my ear!!  Although, there are a few times that I want to cuss myself for the workouts I put us through. Ha!

Hope y’all have a great weekend… we’ve got the Turkey Trot festival here.  We miss you, Mousie!


Heather said...

Boy have I missed YOU!!! Totally agree with everything you said about BL...and I thought the same thing about that first "run a mile" challenge! Congrats on meeting your goal- that is AWESOME! I am doing pretty well, but have 20 pounds to lose to get back to my "before fertility meds, crazy everyday migraines and finally pregnancy" weight! I am going to use a trainer at our gym starting next month, I think. Wish you lived here and could train me!!! :)

Susie said...

I like that show a lot too but somehow miss it most of the time. I agree with you about the cursing. It's ridiculous. I'm sure if you went to a local gym you would not hear that from trainers.

Betsy said...

I have missed you Jacquie! We are so in the same boat with 2009 being one for the record books! My dress is chocolate brown and I got it at Jessica McClintock. You could look at their website? Good luck!

Kelly said...

I've really missed you blogging.
And I LOVE Biggest Loser so much - but I agree on all of your points!

Kelley said...

I have missed you! Glad you are getting your laptop soon. I think chocolate would be an awesome color for a dress. Congrats on the weight loss. The wedding will be here before you know it. I am so excited for you. It will be a beautiful thing. I can't agree more on each point you made about Biggest Loser.

Dorothy said...

Looks like we all have missed you, Jacquie!!! Maybe your laptop will be home soon. Good luck on finding a dress. As you get older, it gets harder and harder to find a dress that you would wear. We shopped a little this week and found nothing but what I call 'little pregnant tops' that a cut Waaaaay too low. Absolutely nothing for a mature woman. The clothing industry is missing the boat because there are lots of ladies past fifty who would love to find some decent, classic clothing! We are not all size 4 tiny boppers!
I totally agree with you about the bad language that they throw in most of the shows these days. I have stopped watching TV at all unless it's a ball game or a show that I'm pretty sure is G or at least PG rated. I have never considered myself a prude, but I abhor foul language! That's all from my soap-box today. Glad you are back!!!

Lauren Kelly said...

WOW, so proud of you and congrats on the weight loss :)

StitchinByTheLake said...

When my laptop got sick Best Buy kept it for 3 weeks and gave it back to me in worse shape than when I left it! Then I gave it to my grandson to work on and a week later it was working better than ever. :) Gotta love it when your grandson can do that! blessings, marlene

petrii said...

YAY Jacquie,
So glad your computer is on it's way home. I'm ready for steady updates ~~ I've missed you girl!!!

I am feeling ya on The Biggest Loser. Sweet hubby and I talked about this just this weekend, and about there extreme workouts and about them going home and how hard it must be when they get back to their NORMAL environments.

CONGRATULATIONS!! on your weight loss. That is soooooooo fantastic!! Did you run the TT this weekend?

Have a Blessed and Terrific week,

Kayla said...

Yep...your laptop looks pretty lonely on Kale's table...she misses her momma!

With all our busy weekends time IS flying. It's crazy!

Jenn said...

Long time lurker - first time poster :) I found your blog through Kelly's a while back and I just wanted to say "hi" :)

I agree with your notes about the Biggest Loser. Our girls love to watch the show and it is one of the only ones that we do watch. But with all of the bleeping and other cuss words that they don't bleep out, it is near impossible to watch!

I enjoy reading your posts!
Blessings to you!

The Garners said...

I'm so glad you're back to blogging! I've missed you!

I agree with all your BL points. I cry every time I see Abbey.

You look GREAT, by the way!!!

Christina said...

I just discovered your Blog and love it!
And I must say I am a huge fan of Biggest loser too!