Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Lazy Weekend

Kale and Kayla came in for the weekend.  It’s muzzleloading season here in our “neck of the woods” so Kale was excited to come home for a man-camp this weekend.  Kayla and I decided to have a quiet girl’s weekend.

It’s been pretty chilly here, so we built a fire and did a lot of this…

Kayla and Holly 101709 and this…

Kayla 101709It was good to just relax and get some rest.

Tyler hunted for a while Saturday morning, but he came home for the rest of the weekend.  He, Kayla and I all went to church this morning… kinda funny that he and Kayla walked in to Sunday School together without Kale…and then the three of us ate lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant.

The kids will be back next weekend for Kayla’s bridal shower at our church.  The wedding is less than 6 weeks away!!

In big family news… my baby sister (Kristin #11) had her second baby today!! A precious little girl, Sophia Rose.  Isn’t she precious?

Baby Sophia Rose 101809 

Oh, and welcome back my laptop!!! (Can you hear me humming a little “Peaches and Herb”.)


Kelley said...

Yeah, glad you got your laptop back! Thrilled you got to spend time with your kids. The wedding will be here before you know it. I know the shower will be tons of fun next week.

Dorothy said...

That is one fat cat Kayla is playing with! Looks like you had a relaxing weekend! Have you found that dress for the wedding yet?

Susie said...

Oh my goodness little Sophia Rose is adorable. What a sweet little face she has!

Glad to hear you got your laptop back and that you had a nice relaxing weekend. Nothing wrong with that.

Lauren Kelly said...

Oh my word, Sophia Rose is precious!!!!! :)

petrii said...

WooHoo So glad that your laptop has come home to roost!! YAY!!!

Six weeks?!! WOW have you found a dress yet?

Little baby Sophia is a doll-baby. So cute!!!!!

Have a Blessed week, and welcome back,

Becky said...

I didn't know you had a mountain lion.....I mean kitty!!!! lol That has to be the biggest kitty I've ever seen. What's his/her name????

Sounds like you a Kayla had a wonderful time relaxing and hanging out together this weekend.

Glad you have your laptop back!

Becky said...

Oh, and Sophia Rose is so adorable!!!!