Saturday, May 7, 2011

Family Day!

My day started out really good.  After coffee with Dave, I spent most of the morning at home catching up on some R&R.  I was still in my robe after my shower and talking on the phone with Kale when the UPS man pulled up in the yard.  After freaking out, I put on some pajama pants (they were turquois to my hot pink robe) and went out to meet him.  I apologized for the pj’s and he was sweet enough to tell me that’s what weekends are for! Ha! Then he handed me this Mother’s Day gift from Kale and Kayla.  Look what “Brown” can do for you!!! YUM!

050711 (11)

Later in the afternoon David and I headed up to my parent’s house for a large (isn’t it usually) family get-together.  My sister, Suzanne’s (#3) daughter from New Mexico had come in and most of us were able to go up to visit. 

There is always so much going on that it’s hard to get very good photos, but here are some that I took.

050711 (13)

Kristin (#11), and my nieces - Sophia and Rebecca

050711 (6)

Erik entertaining Daisy and Tyler

050711 (9)

Darren (#7) and one of his sweet grands (Abby)

050711 (15)

Kristin and Sophia

050711 (2)050711 (7)

My dad’s golf cart gets a lot of “use” when the kids are around.

050711 (18)

Suzanne (#3) and her kids (Jennifer, Rebecca and Brandon) and sweet little Maggie – adorable!!

Maddie Moo was looking especially cute today, too.

050711 (10)

When we were there, we got word that my nephew, Cory (my brother Jim’s (#2) son) was in a motorcycle accident.  I’m not clear on all the details, but his grandma told me that somehow he rolled himself out the way and the oncoming truck just missed him and ran over his motorcycle – totaling it.  He was released from the hospital this evening and is pretty banged up – but okay.  So many of you prayed – thank you for that! I know that God was watching over him.


Dorothy said...

Wonderful family day! Thank goodness your nephew will be okay.

Susan Leonard said...

Glad your nephew is ok..that is scary. You have such a large family- that is so neat. I'm an only child.

Jenn said...

So glad he is okay! Stories like that just amaze me.

I love big families and love the get togethers!