Friday, May 6, 2011

Nurse Moo

Maddie climbed up in Dave’s lap tonight and discovered a “boo boo” on his head.

050611 (1)

She let him know that it was there and went right to work “doctoring” it.  I think she spent about 30 minutes going back and forth and getting cotton pads wet and “cleaning” it. 

050611 (2)

She was so tender and gentle.

050611 (3)

He told her she was going to make quite a nurse someday.


Kelley said...

That is absolutely precious! They are adorable together.

Dorothy said...

So cute! And Dave and the dog look like they are enduring it so patiently!

The Garners said...

So sweet! Love the expressions on their faces (D's, M's AND Izzy's!)

Susan Leonard said...

Looks like Dave has his lap full. That is the sweetest...

Jenn said...

So precious! Little ones have such compassion!