Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Don’t Even Know How To Title a Post Anymore

I am SO used to counting my posts and now that I have no direction at all, I’m at a loss. Haha!

I know y’all were wondering what I might post about today – I’ve been wondering that myself.  Today has been a pretty typical day except for we actually saw the sun shining today!  (It seems like it’s been forever!)  Everything is really green and overgrown now and having a sunny day was so refreshing.

BL Olivia 050311

The makeovers on Biggest Loser were SO good … but the girls were AMAZING!  (I love Tim Gunn, too. I know my Mom doesn’t think so, but he reminds me of my grandpa.) 


I’m on a “youversion” kick right now.  Jodi showed it to me on Sunday morning.  It’s a free Bible app on the web ( or for mobile devices.  I installed it on my iPhone and have been playing with it ever since.  It has all the Bible versions as well as reading plans that you can choose from.

What phone app can you NOT live without??


Kelley said...

I loved the make over show last night! I don't have a fancy phone. Just an old black berry. I would love that app though.

The Garners said...

The make-overs are always moving to me! The girls did look great! I thought Olivia looked especially beautiful. I really really like her. They all seem so nice and I'm so happy for all of their accomplishments. Her husband did awesome at home, too--wow!

Anonymous said...

Glad you didn't stop posting after #365. ;)

I like YouVersion, too! I use it a lot. Also enjoy AFR Talk, AFR Inspo, and Pandora (because I can create my own stations with music of my choice)!

Susan Leonard said...

I have the same bible app on my daily apps that I hit a 100 times a day are: FACEBOOK and THE WEATHER CHANNEL....

Jenn said...

I am so sad that I missed the makeover :( I started watching around the halfway point. But I so loved The Voice! So glad some of them got second chances!

I am so out of the new tech era! We don't have smartphones yet. So no apps here :) At least I upgraded from my old flip phone...ha!