Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fun weekend

We had another FUN weekend.  Kale and Kayla surprised us by coming in a little early… they’d plan to come Friday and came on Thursday evening instead!! So happy about that.  Kayla and I went shopping on Friday and Friday night they joined us and the Howards and the Goodwins for “tennis at the park”, of course!  Kale looked like he’d been playing for years, but he hasn’t played since we tried our hand at it when he was in about the 3rd grade.  I think they may get a couple of rackets themselves… it was so much fun!

Saturday, Kayla and I went to Little Rock.  I had a hair appointment with a “curl specialist”.  Long way to drive (3.5 hours) and my expectations were HIGH.  But, to be totally honest, it was just okay.  No offense to the guy who cut/trimmed it, but I didn’t walk away with the best curls I’ve ever had.  That was my hope.

We had a fun day anyway, even though I got lost once and was impatiently passing cars another time and missed my exit.  We ate in Conway at Market Place (yum!). After we got home, we gave ourselves pedicures.  Kayla is so fun to be with and we have so much in common.  No one ever told me how fun having a girl would be!!

We went to visit Ms. Charlsie today… she’s always happy to see Kale when he comes in.

They had to leave this afternoon, and for some reason, it’s getting harder for me again when they have to leave.

We’re back to a quiet house, but the week ahead looks busy again.  And, in our spare time… we’ve always got tennis!


Heather said...

Sweet Jacquie- I still cry every single time I leave my momma's house or she leaves mine. :)
Glad you had a fun weekend....I LOVE Marketplace!!!

Lauren Kelly said...

I'm so glad you had a great weekend!!!! :) :)

Kelley said...

I am so glad you all had fun! You must have come right through my area. We love Market Place. They have a flaming cheese dip that is sooo good! I bet you all did have fun playing tennis.

Dorothy said...

Glad you had a fun weekend!.. That always re-news us, doesn't it!

His Doorkeeper said...

It was so great to have Kale and Kayla in our Bible study class yesterday morning! I know you were happy to have them for a fun week-end!

Susie said...

Sorry to hear your hair appt. didn't go the way you had hoped but it sounds like you made the most of your day. Glad you had a great visit!

Betsy said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend. But I know you miss them so much when they leave. :(

Maybe me and you should adopt some foster children or something??! haha

petrii said...

When are those kid's just gonna give it up and move next door to ya? =)

I've already told Dak to just make sure there is a place for us close to whereever he a block or so away =)

Have a Blessed day,

PS ohhh a pedicure ~~ My toes need some lovin' =)

Becky said...

Girl, it doesn't get any easier. Someday they will bring babies home to you and then it pulls your heart completely out of your body when they leave!!!

Kayla said...

We did have fun!!!! Can't wait until you come to Fay!!!

StitchinByTheLake said...

No matter how old they are.... blessings, marlene