Sunday, April 5, 2009

I’ve Still Got “Mommy Mode”


Tyler had a big day planned yesterday.  He wanted to go to Fayetteville (where Kale lives) and take Courtney ice skating and he invited ME!  As it turns out, the skating rink is closed until later this week, but he still wanted to make a day of it. 

Tyler has been sick for over 2 weeks.  He went to the doctor and was told he had strep throat two weeks ago tomorrow, and was prescribed Z-pack and took it completely.  But, he has been coming home in the evenings from work with fever and dog-tired and sleeping a LOT.  Yesterday morning when we were getting ready to leave, I could tell he wasn’t well.  His throat is so clogged up you can barely understand him.  His eyes look terrible.  But, he said he still wanted to go.  Big mistake. 

When we were at Kale’s… he fell asleep.  He could barely eat lunch or supper – he tried, but he can barely swallow.  When we were leaving we decided he didn’t need to drive on the two hour trip home, so he and Courtney got in the back seat of my car and I drove – taxi style.  Within a couple of minutes, he was out like a light.  Courtney sat back there, quiet as a church mouse, so I asked her if I could pull over and she could get up front to talk with me.  She was good for it!! Which made my drive so much more enjoyable.  Thanks, Courtney!

I’m no doctor, although I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express once, but I’m making the diagnosis right now that my baby has mononucleosis.  I had it back in 1991 (when I was 27 years old) and I was so sick I missed a MONTH of work.  He is a sick boy… and has all the signs of mono.  I’m just worrying myself sick over him.  I guess after all these years, I’ve still got “mommy mode”!  Get well soon, Fester.


Kayla said...

Poor, Fest. One day the boys will really appreciate all that you do and all your worrying! That's cute that Court got up front with you. We noticed that they both were in the back. Hehe. Bonding time :) love it!!!

Jo Jo said...

We missed you in Church today, WC had to eat the M & M's all by his self, Get well soon F5!

Susie said...

Poor baby. I hope he gets well soon. Speaking of strep, is that going around? A couple of guys at work has had it. I surely hope I don't! Have a good week Jacquie!

Kelly said...

So I have a lifetime of worry ahead of me, huh????
I hope Harper likes me when she is grown as much as your boys like you. Of course I won't be young and hip then like you are now!

Morris Family said...

I hope Tyler gets better!! That is what they thought I had a couple of weeks ago...but thanks goodnesss I got better. Prayers are with him.

Becky said...

Oh, poor baby. I hate it when one of my baby chicks are sick. Cortney was sick for about four days last week with hayfever, allergies, etc. And poor Alvin same thing last week. That's why I flew so much last week.....didn't want to get sick. Both are doing better now, thank goodness.

Keep your momma mode goin and help that baby get well!

I miss you too!

His Doorkeeper said...

Have Tyler gargle his throat with warm salt water several times a day....I'm no doctor either but I have alot of experience with sore throats!!

Get better soon Tyler!

Becky said...

Awe...poor Kale! I hope he gets better soon! I heard mono is NOT a good thing to have! What is that picture of at the top? is that strep?

Becky said...

Whoops I meant to say Tyler! I'll be praying for him! XOXO Becky

Tim said...

Wow bud, hope you get to feeling better soon. That throat looks nasty. You are in my prayers.

Love and Prayers,


P.S. Jacquie please read my post about living with fear if you havent already as i also am in need of prayers. Thanks

Kelley said...

Jacquie, I hope he gets to feeling better soon. I think you never lose that "Momma Mode." There is so much going around and it lingers. I haven't had mono, but I know people who have and they were so sick. It's not like having a cold. I'll be praying for a speedy recovery.

petrii said...

Poor guy!! I DO NOT like it when my kid/kids are sick. As a momma you just want to take it all away. I hope he's feeling better soon.

Love ya girl ~~ have a Blessed Monday,

Jessica Lane said...

I couldn't look at that picture for more than two seconds. Bleh!

Get better, Fester! This semester, Joel had the strep, bronchitis, and a sinus infection all at once! I think everyone got sick. Sickness = no fun.

Thanks again for bringing the luggage!