Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Poor Tyler.  He woke up this morning and his eyes were so swollen they were little slits.  It looked just like someone had beat the soup out of him.  His neck was covered in a rash and his arms and part of his torso were covered as well.  We both thought it was poison ivy, since Tyler can just be in the vicinity of poison ivy and get it. 

Mono rash

(It looks something like this.  I stole this from the internet.  I didn’t sneak a photo of your neck, Tyler.)

I wanted to get an actual picture of him today, instead of another internet photo, but he didn’t want everyone to see him all swelled up.  He’s taken a lot of ribbing over the years with all the times he’s had poison ivy in his eyes, on his neck and face, etc.  I tried to convince him that all my bloggy friends wanted to see, but I still got the thumbs down.  Sorry to let y’all down.

He was supposed to go back to the doctor for a follow-up visit for his mono tomorrow, so I called the nurses' desk and asked if we could move it up so he could get a cortisone shot today.  She was great – and fit him in this morning.

As soon as the doctor saw him, he told him it wasn’t poison ivy, but possibly some kind of mutation or complication from the mono – or even strep throat (maybe he did actually have both??).  Four vials of blood later, we’re waiting to hear what exactly is going on with him.  It may take a day or two before we get the results, but the doctor wants him off work again for a couple days.

This morning, he said he felt alright except for the itch, but since he got home, he’s slept most of the day away.  I just checked in on him and he feels feverish and he’s all sweaty.

He had just really started feeling better, so he may have pushed it too much and be having a relapse.  Poor Fester, this has been going on since the beginning of March.

On top of all that, on the way to work this morning a guy on a tractor with a mower arm was trimming the brush and small trees on the side of the road.  It left branches all over the roadway and I had to try and maneuver my little car through without scratching it up too much.

When I left to take Tyler to the doctor, my tire felt low and I noticed the tire pressure light was on… so I got out and checked it and, sure enough, my rear tire was low.  Of course, I called Dave and at lunch (while I was at the doctor) he checked it for me. 

His verdict?  “You’ve gotten in a ditch somewhere.  The side of your tire’s been punctured.”

Umm, wouldn’t I have had a clue that I’d gotten off in a ditch somewhere??

I told him about all the tree branches in the road and all I can assume is that it was one of those branches.

Or someone came to the church parking lot in broad daylight and slashed my tire.  

A hundred ten dollars and a new tire later… all is well.

On another note…

“24” viewers:  There might’ve been some discussion at work this morning that my beloved Aaron Pierce is possible one of the bad guys.  I REFUSE to believe Aaron could ever be anything but completely loyal… but then again, I haven’t slept a wink since the deal with Tony last week. 

  • Who thinks Aaron could be bad??
  • Do any of you have trouble realizing that Jack Bauer and Chloe and Aaron and Tony are, in fact, make believe?

I cried again at “The Biggest Loser” tonight.  I can’t get over the change in those people.  And the amount of work they put in each day is staggering. For me, Tara is the most inspiring.  She is one hard-working, tough girl! Gotta give her props for that.

And how ‘bout American Idol tonight?  Man, the competition is tough this year!!!


Kayla said...

I'm tellin ya...a move to F-ville will fix all yalls bad luck!! Haha!

I watched part of BL again tonight. It is SOO incredible how hard they work and how drastically their bodies change. I love it :)

Tim said...

I am praying for him right now.

Make sure you join us at The Fort on Thursday for Vlogemotions! Its going to be so much fun! Great way to get traffic to your site too. Wouldnt be the same without you!

Love and Prayers,


Kelley said...

Jacquie, I hope Tyler gets better soon. I am so sorry to hear about this. I would have thought by looking that it was poison ivy too.

I cried at Biggest Loser too. American Idol was really something this evening.

Dorothy said...

Hope your family will soon be back to normal! I can sympathize with anyone who suffers from poison oak!
Love and prayers,

Susie said...

Poor Tyler. I bet he'll be glad when he's all better.

Loved American Idol last night. I love Chris, Danny and Adam.

petrii said...

OH MY STARS ~~ Your poor boy!!! Hopefully you'll get some answers soon and get him on the road to recovery.

You know I don't watch 24 so I have no idea what you are talking about, but hubbies watches it and I asked him the other night if it was boardering on the completely ridiculous yet, to which he replied, "no.!!" Too funny ~~ And AI ~~ get-out-of-town, last nights performances were "Da Bomb" (in my best Randy Jackson =) I think Matt or Allison is probably in trouble

Okay longest comment ever girl is hitting the shower ~~ having company today, my baby sis ~~ yay!!

Love you girl,

Morris Family said...

Poor Tyler!! At least he has a wonderful momma to take care of him!! I hope he gets better. And poor you on your tire..OUCH!!

Becky said...

I hope baby boy is better today. Sorry about tire, that stinks!

I went to Conway to get my haircut and you shoulda seen the town, it was all deocrated with Kris Allen everywhere. They said MTV was there yesterday. The competition is getting tough. Hope Kris stays out of the bottom three tonight.

Jessica Lane said...

Poor Fester. He needs to take it easy so he doesn't have anything flare up again. Sorry to hear about the tire too.

I wish I had DVR so I could keep up with Biggest Loser. It's one of my faves right now.

Becky said...

Oh I hope Tyler gets better soon :(
I'll be keeping him in my prayers....and I'm sorry about your tire too! It sounds like it's just been one of THOSE days!
About 24- Aaron bad....NEVER!!! He is the sweetest thing ever! I refuse to believe it :P

Kyla said...

Poooor Tyler :( I wouldn't let anyone near me with a camera if I had a rash like that either! Off to the internet they would go :)

Lauren Kelly said...

Poor thing, I hope he gets to feeling better soon!!!

Betsy said...

Goodness...that sounds awful! I hope he gets better soon...poor guy!!

American Idol was sooo good. Wow--it is going to be tough to choose this year!