Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fun at the Dentist


Yesterday I had a morning dental appointment for the final stage of my recent crown. Fun times. When I was there a couple of weeks ago, I got FOUR shots – one in each quadrant of my mouth. It was not a pleasant visit.

One of the fillings I got was a 2nd or 3rd attempt by the dentist. I didn’t have to pay for it in a monetary sense, but believe me, I paid for it in the dentist chair. The tooth has been bothering me ever since. When I eat something crunchy, it hits some sort of nerve and sends me to the moon.

So, it occurred to me that I should probably tell him about it at my visit. (After I weighed it on the scale of … tell him and risk hearing, “we need to do a root canal and crown” or don’t tell him and have this wonderful nerve sensation every time I try to eat a blessed Triscuit.) The good news is he thinks it’s “root sensitivity” and a little Sensodyne should do the trick. (fingers crossed)

YEARS ago, before we even had kids, Jodi and White Cloud had us over for spaghetti one night. It really was good, but while I was chewing, I felt something that was much too firm for pasta. It was my back molar… and the result was my first crown. I always teased Jodi that it was her cooking.

Well, a couple weeks ago she texted me that she had broke a molar eating Red Hots. Turns out, it was the exact same tooth that I broke on the spaghetti. Can you say, karma?.

We support the same dentist… and upon her visit he told her she, of course, needed a crown, because as we like to say, “the dentist needs an office addition.”

She got her final crown yesterday too. Her appointment was an hour before mine. (We’ve been praying that the dentist didn’t get our permanent crowns mixed up - being the same tooth and all.)

We’ve got a little thing we do now that we’ve both got unlimited texting… we do play-by-play for each other at our appointments. It’s hilarious!

The girl needs to be on Twitter. Seriously. She cracks me up. If she doesn’t soon, I’ll be forced to publish some of her work here on my blog.


Kayla said...

That's too funny that it was the same tooth!

I say publish away!

P.S. I'm hoping the Sensodyne works :)

Kelley said...

I hope the Sensodyne works. There is nothing worse than a sore tooth. Isn't that something that you both had the same tooth problem.

Susie said...

I hope you don't have to have a root canal. The crown cost enough as it is. But a root canal!??!?

Lets hope the toothpaste works!!!

Becky said...

You Jodi have too much fun! But having to much fun with her in the dentist chair......well, I'm not sure! LOL

Courtney said...

I absolutely hate going to the dentist because of the shots!
You're stronger than I am about that for sure!

petrii said...

Yes please get her on Twitter, I could use a good laugh =)

I hope that Sensodyne works for ya!!

Have a Blessed evening,

Dorothy said...

Blessings on you, my dear! I've had my share of dental work done. I'm sure I paid for about half of his airplane! Hope it all turns out well for you, and Jodi.

Betsy said... was get your final crown day! I got mine today too! We are all getting old, Jacquie. It's sad! haha Glad your other tooth is okay, though!

Kyla said...

I love reading the stories about you and Jodi. You silly ladies crack me up :)

Heather said...

4 shots in the same day?!?!?!? Oh no, no no!!!!! That is just wrong! I do NOT like going to the dentist!