Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Recap

I haven’t had much time (or material, for that matter) to blog these days and this week, I’ll be training four out of five evenings, so it’ll be a busy one again.  I just decided to sit down and type what I would write if I kept an actual journal (you know, the kind on paper, with a pen).

David stayed home from church today because he’s sick (although, some people figured he was out turkey hunting).  He’s got fever tonight.  His throat doesn’t hurt, so I’m not really suspecting mono.

Tyler and I went to church and out to eat at our favorite Mexican place.

Time alone with my boy… makes me smile.  Actually, all things Tyler makes me smile these days.

We stopped off at the Dollar store… he wanted to get a little candy to take to Courtney at work (she works at one of our local movie theaters).  They are so cute.

I spent the afternoon paying bills and looking over our budget… and a few minutes checking in with Kale who only has a couple weeks left in this, his next-to-last semester of school.  He’s a busy boy these days between school and work.

Yesterday, I went through my closet for a second purging… I’m getting ready for a yard sale, so I dipped in again… and got another trash bag full for the sale.  I also cleaned out all my bathroom cabinets.  I can’t believe how much stuff collects over time.  I am a hair product junkie, so there were several full bottles of things I’ve bought and decided against for this mop of hair… more yard sale goodies.

The Fly Lady has been helping me stay much more organized, which results in an amazing calm (thanks, Nikki).  I don’t have the whole system down yet, but my mornings include my quiet time, emptying out the dishwasher and loading any breakfast dishes, one load of laundry, making beds and doing a quick once over in the bathroom.  I’ve also been trying to tackle an area of clutter each day.  Little by little, I’m feeling more in control of my schedule and the things around me.

I can’t wait for tomorrow night’s episode of “24”… and it looks like my DVR failed to get “The Amazing Race” for me again this week… what’s the deal?  BUT, there is a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie on that I am closing this post to tune in to.

Hope y’all had a great weekend.


Susie said...

Well it certainly sounds like you have been quite busy.

Luckily we caught The Amazing Race. The two small guys got eliminated. Hope you have a great week.

Becky said...

Yeah! I can't wait for 24 either!!! We need to purge too with an upcoming move, but I'm the kind of person who has NO problem throwing stuff away! Maybe that is good, maybe it's bad I dunno...but I told Terence I want new furniture. So we are getting rid of our old furniture. Hopefully we will hear a FINAL offer on the job front next week so we can start really finalizing things. But purging is definately in my future...maybe I should go check out fly lady :)

His Doorkeeper said...

I use to read Fly Lady last year but haven't in a while.

If she could be a "fly" on my garage wall she would be appalled at the junk I have sitting around in boxes.

This has got to be the spring/summer that I clean out everything!!

The Garners said...

Can't wait for 24 either!

I LOVE to clean out closets and bathroom cabinets. I'm the opposite though on haircare and other products--I like to have only one thing at a time. Micaela's cabinets used to drive me nuts because she'd have one of everything that Wal-Mart carried! I think I'd throw something away out of her bathroom every now and then, just to make me feel better--ha! :)

Kelley said...

I'll have to read the Fly Lady. I haven't had much to blog about lately either. I have had a really bad sinus thing going on this week. I had to read a week's long test to students this week who were small group testing. Not fun with a sore throat. Then my computer crashed and I was so sad thinking that I lost all of my pictures. My hubby was able to retrieve them before he reformatted the computer. I don't have e-mail right now either. I could write a song. Hope this week is better.

Becky said...

What are you, the energizer bunny these days? LOL Sounds like you have everything down to a fine art.

Hope you and the Fly Lady have a GREAT week!

Lauren Kelly said...

Isn't it amazing how much happier we are when things in our life are balanced and feel in control :)

petrii said...

Okay Jacquie,
I so want to be as organized as you ~~ HELP!!! I used to be so much more organized, how did you get your motivation (back, that back is for me ~~ I used to be so motivated, hmmmmmm =) Anyway..... tonight is 24, I always think of you as hubs sits down to watch and I retire to do something other than watch ~~ that show makes me nervous!!

So this is like the longest comment...closing now =)

Have a Blessed Monday evening,

Betsy said...

Good for you keeping so organized!! I feel so much more peaceful when everything is in it's place!

Sounds like you have been staying really busy. Glad you got some time with your sweet boy yesterday! :)

Have a great week, Jacquie!