Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My World of Reality TV

Ok, I didn’t get to watch The Amazing Race (at least not all of it) this week, but between last night and Monday night… this might quite possibly be THE best week of reality TV.

“24” was AMAZING and shocking and please, NO, NOT TONY ALMEIDA!!

I cried my eyes out watching The Biggest Loser.  The makeover show is always touching, but Mike’s little brother just made me SOB.  Sob, I say.  And poor Laura.

American Idol was, I think, about the best as performances across the board goes in a LONG time.  Kris was AWESOME! He’s my front-runner.  And, I’m not a big Anoop fan, but I loved his version of “Everything I Do”.   The competition is getting tight.

And, with all that great reality TV in two nights … I read Jenna's post from yesterday and was absolutely amazed and brought to tears by this performance (click on the picture to see the YouTube video).  She’s making quite a wave in the media this week AND can I just say, THIS is why I love Simon!!susan-boyle

Oh, the sweet things reality TV does to my heart!!


Kelley said...

I thought American Idol was awesome last night, too. I am a big Kris fan. I didn't get to see the Biggest Loser makeover show. I bet it was great.

Dorothy said...

Someone sent me the link to this and I was blown away, as was most all of the audience!!! What a voice! Too bad we tend to judge people by their appearance.

Becky said...

Terence showed me the video of this lady last week and I was in shock! She has a beautiful voice! The look on Simon's face was priceless too!

Susie said...

We were having bad weather the night of the Amazing Race so we didn't get to see almost all of it.

petrii said...

I so agree ~~ that lady nearly brought me to tears ~~ I so love the underdog!!! And AI is so exciting right now ~~ I really like Danny.

Been missing you girl!!

Have a Blessed evening,

Lauren Kelly said...


I need to start watching the Biggest Loser. I've heard so much good stuff about that show.

Oh, and how awesome was that lady's singing. AMAZING! Goes to show, NEVER judge a book by it's cover!

Jessica Lane said...

That performance by Susan Boyle gave me goosebumps during and tears at the end. It's funny how an incredible singing voice can do that.

Leigh Ann said...

Can you believe I don't watch The Biggest Loser. I'm probably the only one left in America that doesn't watch it! I've heard a lot of people say they cried at that trasformation show. I'm with you on AI. I love Kris and I want him to win so bad. I'm afraid Adam will though (in all his "different-ness"). I LOVE that clip of the lady from the UK's version. JUST AMAZING. Now, that does a heart good!

Susie said...

Regarding my times I ran yesterdays race 24 min. 48 sec. The race I ran a couple of weeks ago was 25:24 so I had some improvement.

My practice runs have been better though. I have had some under 24 minutes but that is pretty flat.

Cassie said...

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