Monday, January 5, 2009

Fitness Goals


I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately discussing the topic of losing weight, eating better, exercising more, and such.  The new year oftentimes motivates people to make those changes and, I suppose, it’s as good a time as any.  I have been going to the gym for 4 years straight and I’ve seen the crowds come and go at this time of year.  Finding a free treadmill becomes difficult as people flock the gym at the first of the year to work on their new goals.  By the end of February… we’ve pretty much got the treadmills back!  They lose heart, until the next year.

When I started on my fitness journey in November 2004, I had every intention to follow through on my goals.  I was starting a program called “Body for Life” (I’m a HUGE believer in it).  Often times, people don’t give their program enough time to work (I’m as guilty as the next).  When I started BFL, I decided to give it one full YEAR before I made my final judgment.  I told myself, if after one year I’m not where I want to be fit-wise, then I’ll move on to something else.

Well, after 6 months, I had gone down 15 or 20 pounds.  After one year, I had lost 30 pounds and weighed 120.  From a size 10/12 to a size 2/4.  A full year into my BFL journey, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I lost 5 pounds! Five pounds during the holidays, reaching my lowest weight.  And I was eating between 1700-1900 calories a day.

Not long after, people started telling me I was too skinny - which was NOT the look I was going for.  If you’ve ever seen Oxygen magazine… you know more what I’m after.  Guns.

Anyway, because I didn’t want the wormy look, I made the decision to start eating more to put on a little more size.  Well, that size is haunting me now.  I’ve regained much of my weight.  Most of the last three years has been a struggle keeping the weight off.  I work out like a fiend.  I eat healthy.  (I feel guilty over baked chips! Most people pat themselves on the back for them.)  I’ve rearranged our workouts more ways than you can imagine.  Just ask Jodi about the stuff I put us through.  But, the weight kept creeping up.  Frustrating!!  The more frustrated I got, the more I decided to not be as diligent.

I am 44, almost 45, so my age does play a part.  I keep hearing the word “hormones” over and over.  Something has to give, so Jodi and I made the conscious decision to take a methodic “gym break” for 3 full weeks. I never even missed a workout until a year and a half after I started working out.  This is the longest I’ve been away from the gym – ever!

The goal behind the “gym break” was to give our bodies a rest.  Maybe fool them into believing we are sedentary people.  (I did a good job of playing the part over the holidays.)  We have eaten LARGE over the last several weeks and now, we return to healthy foods and serious workouts.

I’m a believer in doing 12 week mini-challenges.  For twelve weeks, I will be focused on my weight loss/fitness goals before I regroup and set new goals.

Today, we began tracking our eating.  Journaling our foods, counting calories, making healthy choices.  We also waddled our hind parts back into the gym for a good starter workout.

I’m starting a new fitness blog to chart my daily stats and workouts – if any of y’all are interested.  Click HERE to access it.

I AM determined to get my head back into the game 100%.  Having Jodi there to do it with me is a HUGE motivator.

Anyone else interested in joining us for the next 12 weeks??


Kayla said...

This girl HAS to do something!! My body is looking ROUGH!!! I'm not happy at all right now. I went walking today, but then had mint chip tonight and my gym didn't open any earlier after the 1st. Rats! I guess I have to do stuff on my own :)

Kyla said...

I think Kayla and I need to join forces, and we can be each others motivators like you and Jodi!

One of my biggest plans for the New Year is walking my dogs every day, and she already said she would walk with me- so I think we have a game plan!!!

Kelly said...

I'll have to send Scott over to your blog. He started BFL on Monday. I'm trying to help him but I told him it wasn't the best time in the world for me to aid him in cooking healthy meals and exercising but he's doing it on his own and I know he'll do great!

petrii said...

I am so proud of you. I lost 100 lbs about 12 years ago and kept it off fine until I hit the over 40 mark. I have put back on some of the weight and really need to get it off of this behind and knee. I'm currently just trying to get this knee working again so I can begin working out again. So when I reach that mark I might just do my own 12 week program following yours. I'll be keeping up with ya girl. Good luck,

Susie said...

It's exciting to see how fired up you are! I know it will be easier having a work out partner.

I know what you mean about that "age" thing. A few years back during a physical I weighed more than I ever had and my doc told me, "Well you know it's the age". I told myself right then and there, NOT for this girl. Since then, I started watching what I eat. I still eat junk but not like then. I was exercising then too, just not enough.

Right now I still have one more week to go before returning to exercise. I can't wait!

MiMi said...

I definitely need to get motivated again! I lost 35 pounds about 7 years ago and I have gained about 7 lbs of it back and I'm not happy with myself.

Maybe your encouragement will be enough to get my head back in the game!

Leigh Ann said...

Wow! How inspiring are YOU?! I love it! However, I think you look fantastic the way you are! I am all about shedding some poundage. Derek and I have both started eating better and doing our video (that is about to kill me...LOL). I'll be looking forward to reading your fitness blog. You go, girl!!!

Betsy said...

You go, girl!! are my hero! :) Good luck! You are going to look amazing when it's all over...and feel even better!!!