Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Mother’s Heart

I’m a mom.  If there’s one thing that I’ve done that I’m most proud of… it’s being Kale and Tyler’s mom.  It has been THE most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.  It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  At times, it’s the most painful.

When your child hurts – you want to fix it.  Don’t get me started about the times I’ve gone to battle for my boys.  Jack, our Associate Pastor, has a son that nicknamed me “the old hag” because one time I went in to have a little “talk” with the coach after I felt my son was being treated poorly.  He named me jokingly (I think??)… but the nickname has kinda stuck.

Another time, when Kale was in PeeWee ball (mind you), there was a LOUD aunt screaming at him to “PASS THE BALL” every single time he got it!!!”  He was in the 5th grade for Pete's sake. He was the point guard… and was being double and triple teamed.  But, she kept screaming AT him all game long. 

So, after I’d had enough… and against Jodi telling me not to…I went down to pay her a little visit.  What I didn’t know is that she was a scary woman and I’m a scaredy-cat.  But, I was beyond mad at this point and I proceeded to tell her to “shut up” and to quit screaming at my child and that I would give her the same courtesy regarding her nephew.  As I walked off, I was convicted about using the words “shut up”.  So, I turned around and apologized for my choice of words, but that I’d appreciate not hearing my child’s name being screamed out by her again.  And I left. 

The next day, one of our deacons came in the office saying “word at the Razorback (the little town restaurant) is that the church secretary got in a big fight at the PeeWee ballgame last night.”  He was joking, actually.  The father of the boy that was the “aunt’s” nephew worked for our deacon and had told him that he was impressed that I had come back and apologized. 

Don’t think people aren’t paying attention to the way you handle situations.  I’m grateful I at least apologized!!

I said all that to say that I would do anything to help my children when they are in pain or need help… so, when I read this mother’s plea on Amy's (at Chapters) blog the other day, I immediately felt a bond with her and felt her love for her daughter in the words she typed.  I’m going to post it below.

If I've learned anything from Kelly and from her prayer blog, I’ve learned that there are many women in this world who want a baby with all their heart.  I’m praying for all the women on the prayer blog and this letter from a mother who loves her daughter is just one example of what these women are going through.

If you feel you have a spare dollar in your purse,  on your dresser, or in your laundry change can … pray about sending it to Donna … for her daughter.

A Dollar For My Daughter

Amy has reluctantly allowed me to GUEST POST today. While she is somewhat uncomfortable with what I have dubbed the “harebrained idea,” she has agreed to let me present it to you, as I have previously done to my friends and family, with the hope that together we can make a huge difference in two deserving (that's subjective, Mom :-P) people’s lives.

I ask that you consider helping me with the following project: My daughter is among the seemingly growing number of young women who long for a baby and cannot conceive without fertility treatments. In her case, as in many others, none of the expensive treatments are covered by medical insurance...and it's both an emotional and costly process. My request is that you please consider the following 2 options to participate in "A Dollar For My Daughter":

1. Send a gift of $1 to the following address:

c/o 5085 W. Park Boulevard
Suite 300
Plano, TX 75093

2. If you feel comfortable doing so, forward this request (go to the envelope icon at the bottom of this post to forward via email) to any of your friends, family and/or business associates if you want to encourage them to participate...or you could even add a link to your blog about this if you feel called to do so.

I feel like it's important that you "know the facts" as you consider partnering with me to help Amy and DW in their journey - so I've asked her if I could share some personal details with you about the financial costs of infertility. The initial treatment (which they had savings to cover) consisted of the fertility injections with cycle monitoring costing $4,897. It was, unfortunately, unsuccessful. The second and, possibly, third rounds will cost approximately $2,500 each. In vitro fertilization (IVF), if ultimately required, costs approximately $15,000 per procedure. At the end of each phase, there is the potential for pregnancy and, therefore, treatments would then cease.

The idea is that your small gift, combined with those of others, will make a huge difference…just $1 at a time. If you would like to include your e-mail address with your gift, I will provide a periodic update. 100% of all gifts will be used for fertility-related medical bills only. If by some chance this request takes on a “life of its own” and there are gifts beyond her medical bills, all excess funds will be donated to a scholarship foundation for use by another couple requiring fertility treatments.

Many thanks in advance for your help,
Donna Metz


Kelly said...

My heart breaks for all those couples who not only are enduring the heartbreak of infertility but don't have insurance that covers treatments. I think it should be REQUIRED. It is all very, very expensive. We were so extremely fortunate because my insurance covered more than I've ever heard of - including several rounds of IVF and I thanked God every day for blessing me with a job who gave me that kind of insurance. Couples not only need prayer for a baby but prayer that the funds will be provided.
Thank you for being so sensitive to this!!!!

His Doorkeeper said...

You won't believe this but just before I read your post tonight I had already put my envelope with money in it on Steve's desk to be mailed tomorrow!

I read her post today and it touched me very much because I do know how she feels and what she is up against!

And anyone can give a dollar (or more)! Just do it!!

Kayla said...

Thank you for posting this! Otherwise, I would have never seen it!

I can't even imagine going through that! It really just touched my heart! I got an envelope from Kales and it will be on the way tomorrow :)

petrii said...

It is so painful!! I struggled with this issue for a long time. I had to take pills etc, to ovulate and finally was able to get pregnant with Dak, but was then unable to get pregnant again and had to have a hysterectomy almost 3 years ago. My heart goes out to those who struggle with this. It is heart wrenching!!! Thank you for posting this and for your sensitivity to this issue.

Love you friend,

Kyla said...

Kayla pointed this out to me, and I think it's so sweet that you put it on there for us to read :)

I'm sending out my envelope tomorrow!!

Becky said...

Jacquie thank you so much for this post. I will be sending my money out tomorrow!

amy (metz) walker said...

Wow, thank you so much! I was reading your post, just thinking about the stories about your kids and how I long to have stories like that...and then suddenly I'm staring at my story. What a strange but wonderful feeling to know that people care!

Thank you again!!!

Susie said...

You probably have the biggest heart of anyone Jacquie. Thank you for posting this and I'll also keep them in my prayers.

How is your hairdresser doing?

In His Army said...

That has to be so frustrating and I have heard from so many about the expense of treatments. Thanks for sharing this, I will definitely mail something! I enjoyed those stories about you--so funny! I feel sorry fo rmy kids because I will probably be out on the playground twisting ears and roughing up any child that tries to bully mine around!